6 mo miles and some random thoughts

I finally did a run where I did not get lost.  I achieved this by doing an exact out and back, so it's not like my sense of direction has improved markedly.

It was just six, and it was pretty difficult for me, although despite the difficulty I took about 1 min and 40sec off my last six mile run.  Yesterday I did an hour long lower leg workout with trainer and really it would have been better to do an easy 3-4, but…as my work schedule is nuts, I decided to try it. 

To start with it got suddenly chilly here today.  Yesterday at 6 am it was about 57 degrees and the high was about 68.  Today at 0830 it was about 38 degrees and windy.  I wore my UA cold gear tights again and a new Russell long sleeved shirt that I got on impulse because it was so soft  Both kept me very nice and warm, but not overheated, so that was good.  Mile one went pretty well, sort of your average long run mile.  Unfortunately for me I had just heard the song Sleigh Ride  on the radio for what seems to be the jillionth time already.  So going through my head again and again were various bits and pieces of this. As it turned out it seemed I kept repeating this section:

There's a birthday party at the home of Farmer Gray
It'll be the perfect ending of a perfect day
We'll be singing the songs we love to sing without a single stop
At the fireplace while we watch the chestnuts pop
Pop! Pop! Pop!

There's a happy feeling nothing in the world can buy
When they pass around the coffee and the pumpkin pie
It'll nearly be like a picture print by Currier and Ives
These wonderful things are the things we remember all through our lives


I rather liked the Pop Pop Pop part.  But I did get a little sick of it eventually. 

Wierdly, at Mile two, I had a bit of a breakdown.  I stopped for some water at a fountain and then decided I didn't want to run anymore.  I was cold, my glutes hurt from yesterday and my stomach felt a little upset  I walked, and then jogged and then walked again, debating what to do. I kept thinking, if my half is going to be as unpleasant as this, i don't want to do it!!!   Finally I figured if I turned around I'd still have to cover 4.5 miles in the run, so I decided to try to finish it instead.  all that lasted about 0.25 miles.  After that, feeling rather disgusted with myself, i started to run again.  Mile three was really bad, but I eventually seemed to get over it and run essentially the same speed that I had done the first two.  Mile six was a little slower, but the last quarter mile was pretty much uphill.

Oh I hurt like crazy now.

I hope and pray Santa will have gotten me a nice Hat for the holidays.  I'm not used to running in this chilly weather….

Post run, I swam for about 20 minutes.  Swimming in an outdoor heated pool in cold weather is an interesting experience.  So So cold. 

I have 2 days of work now to recover, then a scheduled upper body killer workout.  Some small runs in the rest of the week.  It feels good to have the longer one done!!!

I should say this lake is such a cool place to run around.  At mile 3-4 there are a variety of Ducks,  at mile 1-3 there are FLOCKS of Herons.  Its one thing to see one or two Herons, but to see them when they are too numerous to count, is really special… I wish I had a camera I could carry while running, but since I don't I need to take the pooch and the big camera walking there early some morning….Maybe this weekend, he would love the walk.


Next week, I get to bump it up to Seven….will be interesting to see how that goes…..

Will be sure to not do it the day after my leg workout though.

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7 thoughts on “6 mo miles and some random thoughts

  1. I'm always amazed that you go running after big gym workouts. It's hard enough when I do an upper body workout and then run, but you double-dose your legs!

  2. Yes, it isn't really smart. But my only other choice would be to have done it on an evening when I wasn't really well rested, or right before my big upper body workout… Perhaps it is building character…Perhaps. I must listen to less mundane music though…. 🙂

  3. My legs would be totally dead. It's hard for me to run after I do a hard workout like that. Probably why I don't do some of the work that I should do because I'm always afraid that I'd be too tired or sore to have a productive run.

  4. I'm tending just to do the running, but I guess I should be doing workouts as well. Mind you, I'm not going to super-times, just to get around without walking! I'm going for 9 miles tonight seeing as I only managed 3 on Monday.

  5. Way to stick with it! I just got a new SmartWool training beanie. Highly recommended! Not too bad at $20, and it's merino wool so no itching. Surprisingly lightweight and breathable, yet keeps you warm when wet.

  6. D. My legs ARE totally dead, even one day later they rather feel like peg-legs. But no running until Thursday at which time I hope to have recovered enough to do 3-4. One thing that it interesting is this is the point in my training program where I usually get injured. Since I have managed to avoid that, I am finding myself feeling a lot more tired….because I have to forge on with the whole training programme!!!

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