Training Session

Another training session with Jason.  I am amazed at the difference between him and Brendan.  I still actually miss Brendan quite a bit, but probably more for the fun we had than the exersise. I am actually starting to see how much better Jason is as a trainer.

He has designed 2 seperate workouts for me. One for leggys and one for upper body.  I despise the upper body workout.  The legs one is "fun" in it's own way.  Jason explains every exersise we do and tells me exactly why we are doing it. Everything is for balance and running form pretty much.  He thinks my feet are really tiny and that may be one reason I have balance issues on occasion, he also said that may be why my Gastrocs are so well developed-they have to compensate for the little feets!

I do a bit of a "circuit" with Step up lunges with a weighted ball, some weight work, running on a trampoline…which was a lot harder than I expected….boy was I winded!!! 

I then did some swimming.  If my legs are up to it, I'm going to do my long(er) run tomorro…

I wasn't sure getting the trainer was going to be worth it, but I think I have lucked out and gotten the right one, and I am really hoping I'll spend enough time with him to significantly improve my form, and my strength. 

An interesting other observation.  I worked on Sunday night, and slept today from abotu 10 am to 1 pm, and felt very sleepy comign into the gym, but after the gym, I feel much more alert.  I may have to try to incorporate some small workout on my workdays. 

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