Psycho Babble

Had a long conversation with new trainer today while I spinned, much to my misery.  I would have preferred the long convo while I was NOT spinning.  I woke up feeling bad and it continued through the workout.  Every time I turn my head to a certain angle, I get dizzy and nauseous.  So needless to say, I am home sick from work. 

Anyway we talked about my poor fated mental breakdown at mile 2 the other day.  He found it really interesting and suggested that a lot of my recent lack of progress is mental.  He sort of continued to prove it throughout the workout.

We started with side planks, which are a weakness.  I kept coming down, and he kept making me complete out the time.  He said, that if I could get up in the plank, then there was no reason for me not to be able to hold the plank.  I almost cried during the planks.  then we did some "axes" with increased weight, I was surprised that the axes were OK.  He was too, apparently people usually hate them as much as I dislike planks.  After the "axe chops" we did the reverse fly, which is really hard for me, but not painful.  Then we headed to the bench and I was filled with dread:



The V sit ups.  I do V sit ups with the bicycle crunch involved.  Oh Pain.  Interestingly, I had trouble with the first set, but managed to do the other sets with very little trouble.  Trainer pointed that out and said, So…I must work on your mind-set. Post workout, I headed to the pool which really was alright today, sun was out and helped the heating. The way the pool is though, all sorts of things run through your head when you are doing laps. 

I think since I broke my fingers I've really struggled with believing I can go faster or stronger.  I feel a need to be very cautious with running so I won't fall. And I also have this feeling that I can't get any faster despite the fact that I am slowly getting faster, more efficient.  It's a wierd thing to not be at the same level you are used to being at, I bop in expecting one thing and then struggle to achieve it now.  I know everything takes time, but.

Poor Jason has 4 more sessions with me.  I'll be interested to see what I can achieve from them.

More running tomorro, If I am not still dizzy.

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One thought on “Psycho Babble

  1. It's interesting what you say about being cautious running. I got my stress fracture from slipping on ice last winter, I didn't fall mind you, but it was a jar enough to crack my sacrum. Anyway, tonight was the first night that I ran on snow. We had our first snow lastnight. The roads were mostly clear, but it was raining, it was dark and I was very careful everytime I stepped on the snow, which was wet and becoming slushy.

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