Horrid running week

Well, I really had a bad running week.  I think I can chalk it up to a hideous work schedule.  I mean what were they thinking.

I worked Fri sat sun nights (12 hours), then off on monday, then again on Tuesday and Wednesday night, then off on Thursday and scheduled again for Friday.  On Friday, I awoke feeling lousy.  gee I wonder why. 

Anyway I ran on Tuesday my 6 miler which was ok except for the mini mental breakdown.  Then I tried to run again on Thursday, and made it 2.6 miles or so. I was just so tired from work. 

Friday I wanted to run, but trainer talked me out of it, given that I had spinned on the bike for 30 min, had a swimming appointment and had done an hour of upper bod.  And I was struggling in the workout.  I felt dizzy and nauseous.  Afterwards I decided I must be having some sort of sinus problems, and called in sick to work.  Frankly, I was Overscheduled without my permission, so I sort of figured the manager got what she deserved for giving my such a horrible schedule.

So this morning I work up and walked the dog.  I felt terrible, but walked him for one hour.  I then decided my head wasn't getting any better.  Still Nauseous, I realized suddenly that this was actually a Migraine.  I get Migraines, but It's really been a long time since I had one.  I'm famous for not recognizing them. Several years ago I ended up in the Emergency Dept for a Migraine I was sure was food poisioning.  The docs were amused.  So I took a hot bath, some aspirin, benadryl and went on to sleep again.

Finally around 1pm, i woke up and felt a little better.  Due to the insane work schedule my Miles have been low this week, so I decided to get the miles in despite feeling ill.

First two miles were OK, but after that it all sort of went down hill.  I still felt bad, and my left leg was giving me more trouble, I could breathe well enough, but I was miserable.

Here's hoping for a better week starting on Sunday.

THis type of week is one that makes me wonder why on earth I run anyway!!!

7 days until the Canyonlands lottery closes….11 days until I will know for sure anything. 

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5 thoughts on “Horrid running week

  1. Yes, it was a spectacularly bad running week. I did 7 today though, slowlyl but done, so I feel a little bit better. will see if I can get some 4's in there this week.
    but somehow I need to rid myself of this nagging Headache.

  2. You must be some sort of crazy. You are completely overdoing it, so it's hardly surprising that your body is reacting. If you don't feel well, you shouldn't be out exercising so much.
    I was exhausted this week, and I did a normal working week, and I only managed a 3 miler on Monday. I didn't go again all week. Yes, it might have set me back, but I haven't been ill as a result!

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