“Reverse” tempo run….

I wasn't going to run today, but of course I did.

It was a much better run than my last two, but I still feel annoyed bcause my time/pace was a few minutes off what I anticipated, but, at least it was completed. It was a seven miler.  The last time I ran Seven was last January.

I ran for 3.5 miles without any walk breaks.  I wanted to walk, and I started to tease myself by saying the word walk walk walk again and again over and over in my head.  Since just hearing the word walk has such power over me, I decided I could train that away just as I could any bad form problem.  At 3.5 I took a sort walk break…which was short, but caused mile 4 to be slower than I would have liked, and mile five seemed to be going along in the same manner.  I did an out and back again, so I started to see familiar areas as I turned around.  Mile 5 was not my friend.Oddly it was only when I finished up mile five that I realized I was going to be a few minutes off pace at mile 6, so I started to run again at a more normal pace, unfortunately I was a little tired, so that didn't last too long.

But essentially when I look at the run, I see a little bit of a U  the first 3-3.5 miles look all about the same, and then the next 2 drop down withthe speed dropping, then the last 2 pull back up.  Sort of the exact reverse of a tempo…


After that I felt pretty sweaty and lousy.  I did jump in the pool and do 550 yards, mostly to allow everything to stretch out.  Pool temp was cool though so it was a little difficult, or maybe it was hard because I was tired.

I STILL have a headache.  No running tomorro, just training.

One insane thing.  Garmin says I burned 800+ calories.  I had no idea I could burn that many in one workout. 

I am soooo not ready for the Half Marathon coming up.  If I don't get into Canonlands, I'm going to train for one more month before entering a half.

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5 thoughts on ““Reverse” tempo run….

  1. The treadmill at the gym tells me that I burn around 1,000 calories for an 8 mile or so run… and I'm a lot heavier than you, so it's probably pretty close.

    Before I did my first half marathon, I'd only run 8 miles in the weeks before. But then, I wasn't aiming for a specific time, and completed it in 2h 22m, which was about 12 mins slower than I'd thought I'd do it in.
    You do seem to be pushing yourself really hard. I don't do any of the extra stuff you do, I just run, and build up my distances. I know I'm probably doing it all wrong, but I still managed to do 3 half marathons last year, training like that.

  2. Oddly, this is a lot less than I used to do. I'm just working my way back after injury. It's not very fun because almost everything I am doing now used to be "easy" These days, not so easy. It's not all about running a race, it's more about regaining what I lost.

  3. I think maybe I'm just not pushing myself so hard. I go to the gym. I run 8 miles. I go home. That's all.

    Mind you, I don't think I've ever been as fit as you sound! But I did really feel it when I started running again in the new year – before Christmas I had run 13 miles on the treadmill, I then had about 4 weeks off, and was right back at the 5 mile mark!

  4. Well, the running sure took it out of me, I was still feeling a little peaked today at the gym. Trainer kept asking me what was wrong. Seems I couldn't pay atrtention…should have had some coffee.

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