First run

I gave my new PI's a whirl yesterday evening.  Unfortunately my left leg was flareing and it really hurt.  So Instead of doing 4 miles, I did 2.  It's not a big deal because I needed to do a 2 miler and a 4 miler this week, and I have Saturday to run the 4 miler.

They really have a different ride than the Mizunos.  I can not quite describe it.  They seem more cushioned, and perhaps a bit stiffer in the forefoot.  Overall, they felt good and the run felt hard, but I had picked up the pace on mile 2 just because it was such a short run.

My only problems seemed to be created by me.  I laced up really tightly.  WHile this was fine for a 2 miler, I need to remember to lace a little more loosely for the longer runs, because my feet will swell ever so slightly. the lacing system is great for my feet, but if made too tight I bet I could rub some very painful blisters.

I also noted that my soles had some friction issues but that may be because the shoes are new, or maybe because of my socks.  I'll check it out again on Sunday.

Other than that they seemed to be quite comfy.

I have a trainer session today and swimming and spinning so hopefully I'll have a nice time at the gym. I'm much better than last week (No Headache) so  I am looking forward to it.

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5 thoughts on “First run

  1. The new shoes are never as comfy as the old shoes were…that is until you get a few miles on them. Smart move though with shortening the run, no need to push if the leg was giving you trouble.

  2. I felt a little silly shortening to 2 miles, but you know, the leg was bad all night actually waking me up in the middle of the night.
    I figure as long as I keep getting in the miles, it doesn't matter which days I do it on.
    Leg is a little better today. Long run tomorro.

  3. Best advice I can ever give…getting out the door is half the battle, even if you only get 20 minutes in. Smart choice, especially if it hurt that bad. You got out the door and you kept it short enough that you didn't hurt yourself worse.

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