An open letter to the guy running in a Blue shirt and black shorts

in Wilmington NC on 17th street this morning.

I saw you heading down 17th street about 9:30 this morning when I went to get breakfast. You were wearing a fuel belt, and I thought, "Ahhh, it's someone with a regular work schedule out for a regular long run"  

You had great form

you seemed to be going along at a nice even pace

You seemed relaxed.

I felt a little jealous.

I ate breakfast.  I addressed my Gradparents Holiday gifts and sent them.  I sent off 2 more cards.  I went to the cash machine.  I myself went to the gym.  Chatted with the ladies in the locker room. I ran 4 miles in a rather grumpy fashion because my body was crying out for mercy from the training session yesterday. During my run , I questioned my entire existance as I was having a hard time holdin myself up (core is very sore right now).  I showered.  I chatted some more with the ladies in the locker room.  It was about 11:35 am. I decided to go on home and try to get ready for work.

On my way home, there you were, on the other side of 17th street.  Still running.

Your form still looked good.

You looked relaxed.

You seemed to have a nice, not erratic pace.

I am humbled and impressed at your ability sir in the blue shirt and black shorts.  I wanted to scream something admiring out of my car window, but could not think of anything that would not come across as inane, so I drove by, feeling like my 4 miles were suddenly very insignificant. Thinking that perhaps my sore core could have held me up a little bit longer.  

So, while I may never meet you.  You impress me.  And Inspire me to hope that one day I will be running for that long with good form, relaxation, and at a nice pace….

Thank you for running on 17th street today my guy in Black shorts and a Blue top. 

Best of luck with whatever it is you are obviously training for! 


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5 thoughts on “An open letter to the guy running in a Blue shirt and black shorts

  1. Reblogged this on Mizunogirl's Blog and commented:

    Wow, I just revisited this post. I was training at the time for my first half marathon. Reading the post, I realize that I have actually become that person I hoped I could. Had a ton of bumps in the road, but, run for 2-3 hours with a regular pace…yeah. i can do it! YAY ME!

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