Canyonlands Half Marathon

It's Official!



This e-mail serves as your confirmation that you, and your entire group, were selected into the Canyonlands Half Marathon and 5 Mile Run on March 9, 2008. It is very important that you check the following information, which shows the race in which you are entered, age on race day, gender, race shirt size, address and spelling of your name. If there is an error, contact us immediately by emailing us at (please do not hit reply to this email).


So I'll be running the Canyonlands Half Marathon In Moab, Utah, with 2 friends from 43things.  I was just talking to my trainer about what I would do if I was not selected.  I was actually thinking about training slower and going for a Half in April, but I guess I'll be running in March instead.

Canyonlands is going to be a beautiful race.


The area is lovely.  I will be training a full 2,000 feet above the level of Canyonlands, so I hope that will help with the altitude issue.



The views I hope will distract me from the pains that I am sure to encounter during my little race.












Now, i need to find lodging in the area and get training.


On the training note.  I ran a 5K today which was actually FUN.  I really really enjoyed it. My legs felt strong.  I am still getting used to my new heavy shoes.  My speed has increased and is showing signs of maybe a new PR in the 5K on New Years (We'll see, there are several hills.)

Afterwards I had a really nice training session with my trainer.  I feel great!  I do feel apprehensive about the big move in the next week.  Bu for the moment, I am basking in my better runs!

And my Selection in the Lottery!!!!  I feel Special!

I hope I still feel special after the race.  Things do seem to be moving in the right direction with the training however.  I'm all ready for a slow half.  It will give me time to enjoy the Scenery

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8 thoughts on “Canyonlands Half Marathon

  1. Congratulations! I am sure you have mentioned it and I have totally missed it (my short term memory sucks these days) but where are you off to next? Obviously somewhere in the SW near-ish to Moab.

  2. Congratulations
    what was that uncertainty about you shouldn’t ever count yourself out until you
    are told so. A place like that would be no good for me I would want my camera
    with me. And if I were a runner I probably would strap a camera on me and film
    the entire run. Unless something caught my eye and then I would stop and soak
    it in, as I said in the start Congratulations and I hope you do as well as you
    wish, and happy training because if you are not having fun doing it; its not
    worth doing.

  3. So much more scenic than where my first race is being held! Mine's on the 10th Feb, I probably won't be fit enough for it, but then, I never aim for good times, just to not finish last!

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