Top Ten lists.

Top ten lists are very popular. So,I thought I'd share the one put together by Doctors without Borders.

Each year for some time now, MSF puts out a list of underreported humanitarian stories/situations that are ongoing in the world.  These particular stories have recieved very little media attention, and it's likely that there are some of which you are entirely unaware. Check out the stories here: MSF's top ten most underreported humaitarian stories for 2007 You will not find Darfur, or any of the places visited by Film stars in this list.  But, having been an MSF volunteer, I can assure you that the situations listed in this top ten are pretty much as horrible, if not worse than whats going in Darfur.  (Where MSF also has a strong prescence.)


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4 thoughts on “Top Ten lists.

  1. I have a friend that is going out of the country in February on the Doctors Without Borders program. There are so many programs that do so much that no one every hears about…all we hear about is Britney Spears sister getting pregnant and Brangalina is having problems. That was a great story, thanks for sharing it. I love to see there are a few good people in the world still.

  2. Let me preface that…Doctors Without Borders being the good people actually doing something and the cause are thinga that people don't commonly think about. As I hit post I was re-reading it and I thought it sounded funny.

  3. Docs without Borders has a great support system, but if you friend has any questions about stuff to bring etc, I'm happy to answer them to the best of my ability. I did 2 mission with Docs without Borders. Both in Africa…so if he/she is going to asia, I may not be a whole lotta help.
    Mostly, I know Africa. And now that I haven't used my passport in wow, 2 years, I guess I need to reconsider that too!

  4. I read this today. Doctors Without Borders is one of my favorite humanitarian efforts I support by giving time and money. I had the pleasure of working with them shortly after the Asian Tsunami. Darfur is in the news more often now because of celebrity commitments as opposed to the 10 listed today which most people know nothing about. I was surprised to find humanitarian aid restricted in Myanmar and the issues facing life in Columbia's conflict zones. There must be a way for us to do more . . . all over the world.

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