December craziness Update.

Ok so…as always for a procrastinatress like myself.  Not everything is getting done.  But, it seems the more important stuff is slowly being accomplished.

Today is the last day I have to get anything done in NC.

I work tonight (12 hours) and Saturday night and Sunday night.  Monday Morning after my shift I am driving 8 hours to my parents house.  I hope Teulu is up to keeping me awake.

I think he can do it.  If not him, I have developed a fondness for Green Apple Rings, found for 59 cents in most gas stations…


So I hope I can make it in time to drop off the dog at his kennel for the holiday.  This is a really nice kennel, they have a great play area where they let compatible pups run around all day together, so he will probably be happier than I at times!

So, concentraintg on the Positives.

1. I had my final session at the gym with the trainer.  he actually made me feel pretty bad because he feels my attitude is not as good as it could be.  I think he actually felt like he failed because I wasn't thrilled about the gym, or food in general.  I am in better shape than I was 4 weeks ago.  One great thing he did was actually show me a lot of exersises that I could do anywhere, so this will be helpful when I head out to NM.  I am a little negative, it's hard to go into the gym and struggle with some basic stuff that I used to do like it was nothing.  All that said, Trainer and I decided the Half is in the bag.. He said, if I can run 8 miles I can run the half.  So, now its mostly building more base, adjusting to altitude and getting ready.  My running form has improved markedly, and while there is still improvement to come, I know what to work on, so I feel good about that.

2. I got my Lawn service straightened out. My house seems alright, no vandalism, and my tree that is leaning up against some wires will be taken out by the lawn service, carefully, I hope.

3.I rented a Mailboxes etc mailbox in Chapel Hill, and redirected all my mail there.  They will send me my mail one time a month in NM, so no more trying to forward mail and losing it. 

4. I got pretty much all of the crucial documents to Cirrus which is a relief.  I am still having titre problems, and I know I will have an especial problem when they realized I titered no immunity to Measles, but…I am going to get yet another MMR and that should take care of it. 

5. I arranged boarding for the pooch and got all his pertinent records faxed there.

6. I have fairly good gifts for everyone.

7. I am half way packed today. 

8. I have cleaned the counter tops, and emptied a few closets.

9. I have mailed some Holiday cards, not enough, but some got mailed.

10. My Grandparents Holiday gifts were mailed on time.

11. I did do the 8 mile long run. Yay me!!!

12. I got DSL set up in my new house in Chimayo.

13, While not totally clean, I was able to get the pet stain out of the carpet…thank goodness.

14. The stove is sparkling…I took it completely apart.

What I have left to do

Finish cleaning the Kitchen

empty the fridge


one more run of some distance,  not 8.  less.

FInish packing the car

wrap presents (Will do on X-mas eve with my Dad, a tradition, as we are the two worst wrappers in the family…my sisters stuff looks like works of art,…oh well. 

Return cable box to the cable box place.

get through three nights of work without getting cranky.

Get mail.

Get package from Office.

prepare books for book crossing if I want to.   Did this at work last night when we were "slower"

get lots of sleep when I can  5.5 hours is not too bad considering I need to finish this other stuff…..

return keys to apt manager.

hope for the best.

I'm feeling much more positive about this list, as it seems to be getting done…and I am shocked at how little I have to put in the car, it seems I'm getting the movign thing down pat now.

Somehow I do wish I had an uber helpful boyfriend right now, who would Do something, anything on the list. Even if it were to get lots of sleep for me…. 


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8 thoughts on “December craziness Update.

  1. I didn't realize you were in Chapel Hill. My Uncle is a Prof there. Thats a great area. Good luck on getting everything wrapped up…like this time of the year isn't busy enough with out the move too. I've got an 8 hour drive to Wisconsin tonight after work and I know my dog isn't up to keeping me up…mostly she sleeps the whole way (wife too for that matter). Anyway Merry Christmas and good luck.

  2. you never know what you can archive until you try, also you can hire people to do some things except the sleep and exercise for you on paper it sounds good but never dose any good for you. I know you will do it your blog tells me your a very determined person just a bit doughtfull of your powers to archive.Happy Holidays And a Productive New Years

  3. Ch Hill is my permanent home. I love it. Great running (lots of hills, no kidding) and a nice nice community. I went to the School of Pulic health at UNc-CH, so maybe I know him, though unlikely, since I spent most of my time in one building!

  4. Thank you Jaime
    It's true I am fairly determined, but lately that determination seems to be going no-where….but things are getting done. I am on a coffee break right now…
    I wish I had magical cleaning skills and could just wave my arm around and voila…it would be done!

  5. IRobot, Roomba; Mopping
    & Vacuuming Robot “Available” [
    ] Have the
    vacuuming one works great. And by the way I hate you I really hate you its been
    3years since I have had a drink of my lifeblood coffee, I can smell it from a
    mile away. (god I miss it is life really worth carrying on)

    We all hit that wall
    from time to time it’s the way you push through it that matters some time we
    think too much and if we just do it while putting our brain in neutral its surprising
    how much we can really get done. Take it easy over the holidays but don’t
    forget to turn off your brain and just do it. (Some reason that sounds not quit

    Good luck on getting
    everything done with a little luck things will fall into place and before you
    know it you’ll have given up and paid someone else to do it, Just kidding why
    pay isn’t that what friends are for.

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