My December Madness is over.  I finished cleaning and packing and dealing with all sorts of things. I am doing the last 4 hours of my contract as I type.  The dog is sleeping in his crate in the car right now (I just checked on him, he's quite comfy).  In a few short hours I will be trekking to my parents house.

I didn't quite get things all done properly, such as the apartment inspection. It never got done because I finished vaccuuming at 5:30 pm on Sunday.  SO I expect there will be an ongoing issue with that, but I frankly don't care. Thats one issue that can be solved with money, and while parting with money is painful…I can handle it.

Soooo, Let the Holidays Begin!!!

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3 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Well done! Knew you'd get there in the end!
    Funny – you're just finishing up, and I'm just starting my day! Made sure I got here well before 8 a.m. though, because I figure the earlier I start, the earlier I can go home!

    Have a very Merry, and relaxed Christmas! See you on the other side!

  2. I am glad things got wrapped up and I hope that the inspection thing will work itself out in a non-confrontational and inexpensive manner.
    Give Teulu some snuggles and scratches behind the ears for me and tell him to be a good pup!
    Merry Christmas and have a fun time with famil and friends and a safe trip on to your next contract home!

  3. Take care on
    your drive watch the roads and Have A Happy Holiday, its time to enjoy what’s done
    is done what’s not done is not done and in a hundred years form now it will not
    matter. Happy Holidays to you and all of your family and friends.

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