Christmas Aftermath

Whew….The Holiday is over.  What an event….

I made the marathon drive to Pennsylvania, with the dog in tow.  The dog did very well. I had some problems.  Essentially I called and spoke with my Mom, then my Dad, then my Sister and then my brother in law at different intrevals.  In between, I listened to insipid Holiday Music on the radio.  I need to get Sirius radio.  So I arrived, dropped the dogs off at the vets, and went to Cresslers Market for my sisters various needs.  I as suddenly reminded that I was really really home, as everyone else in Cresslers market was Mennonite, Amish or some variety in-between.


At any rate, it was nice to be home.  Eventually all the gifts were wrapped and the nephews tucked into bed.

The Nephews were a wonderfully pleasant surprise!  M. has matured and is now able to concentrate on a project/game/toy for about 45 minutes at a time…A. who just turned 3 2 weeks ago has an incredible vocabulary and communicates very well.  This was very nice!  So we enjoyed a lot of play with Playmobil creatures from my childhood…surprisingly resilient, and entertaining for two little boys!


Christmas Morning was fun, though chaotic with the Children.  My father accidently took one of the children's stockings, rather than my Mothers, so that was a bit of a mix-up. Easily sorted.

The Kids were remarkably well behaved.  A of course was more interested in unwrapping the gifts, and attempted to assist all of us with the unwrapping…

M. on the other hand would periodically remind us if he had not recieved a gift in a while.  The games were a big hit.  The biggest hit was going for tractor rides with Grandpa…Grandpa was quite accomodating, probably because he likes to drive the tractor.

In general we had a fairly good day, no major kidlet meltdowns.


My only issue has been with running.  Frankly, it has sucked.  My parents live in an extremely rolling hilly area.  I am not used to hills and I am finding I am not killing them like I would like to.

On Christmas Day I ran 2.0 miles. Today, I managed less.  It started to snow while I was running and I became frustrated because I had no idea where I was going, and I kept running into essential dead ends.  It was alarming to run one mile, and then come to a stop because there was essentially either a highway or a cliff type edge. Turn around, i never really got into a rhythm, it started to snow, I just gave up.  I finally found the link on line to the Rails to trails trail which is local and 11 miles long today and I imagine I'll be trying it again tomorro.

So…the holiday is over.  People are happy.  We are all exhausted from the small Children.  They return to their home tomorro, so we shall all rest well.Best gift:  Full set of tires for the Katie-Mobile.  Wow what a difference they make.

Worst gift: Vest from my sister in a beautiful teal aquamarine…Blech. but I wore it anyway.

Looking sort of forward to the evening run on the 31st, but I am very very nervous as I seem to be struggling.  I can not believe I actually ran 8 miles last week.  I think I just have to adjust to the chilly temps and suck it up.

Hope everyone else had an enjoyable holiday.  What was the most memorable moment for you?

Mine was my nephew asking me to read "Twas the night before Christmas"  I said, oh a Christmas book…he says "Whats Christmas?" (4 years old!)


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7 thoughts on “Christmas Aftermath

  1. Its great
    you had such a good Christmas the market sounds like fun with all the Mennonite.
    You will have to suck it up about your running now that you have found a trail
    some commitments are hard to push yourself on but if you want it bad enough you
    will push yourself to do.

    Its fun to have kids at Christmas time you never know what
    they are going to say or do out family will be getting together on the Saturday
    the 30th with extended family Christmas doesn’t always happen on the
    same day with all family and distance adds to it. But its good you got a useful
    gift to keep you safe on you drive home, but is Sirius
    radio such a necessity? All that’s left is NEW YEARS EVE, and to keep up
    with your running any bit will help with your outcome for the long run so have
    a safe drive and keep up with your commitment to run.

  2. Did you get to go for a tractor ride, too? My grandpa used to let us ride in the bucket of his tractor and raise it up high, then pretend he's about to dump us out! Your running is doing fine. "Going nowhere" runs get old quickly and those sharply rolling hills take getting used to. Two summers ago Amanda and I were in Kentucky on vacation and my first run was maybe 2 miles – I'd planned to go 4 but the hills, no matter how scenic, kicked my ass. Two days later I did the 4 miles, so maybe it was more mental than physical acclimation.What type of car is the Katie-Mobile? That must've been rough to drive all the way there without tires, so it was nice of Santa to give you some for the return trip. 😉

  3. Cresslers is just in Shippenshburg PA, an area with Mennonites/Amish, steel-wheelers etc, but none of the hype of Lancaster area…in other words, while we are surrounded by these people and do business with them, there are pretty much no "Amish Crafted furniture or quilt shops!" But they do make a wonderful sharp cheese, and there is a great Mennonite tractor repair shop….:)

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