4 awkward miles

ran today.  the last run before my 5K this New Years, in which I hope to redeem myself from the Gallop for the Gravy in November. Let shope I feel less turkey like post race.  It's questionable since I hear there are tons of hills…. 


Mid run I passed an older couple on the path walking. We exchanged pleasantires, and then all of a sudden the woman simply shouted out my name…Well, of course I had to stop.  It was the parents of my Childhood friends Stephanie and Elizabeth.  They walked with me for a while talking.  I was 3 miles into the run and sort of brain dread, so I tried desperately to chat appropriately and answer the multitude of questions.  FINALLY the man said, "Honey we have to tunr here, my knees can't do more"  And I was able to resume running.  I was glad to see them.  I had not seen them in at least 10 years, so I am utterly surprised that Mrs. Weller remembered me at all.  But I wish it had been at the very end of the run. 

4.55 miles completed.  Lets see what I do out at the fairgrounds.

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One thought on “4 awkward miles

  1. Now you
    know why people run with music so they can pretend they don’t hear anyone who
    might interfere in there run, you’ll get there, just don’t die trying.

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