So.  I finally got into the kitchen to make a dinner for my Mother, and for my Dad as well, but primarily so my Mom could have a night off.  I love my Mom, but, as my Dad notes, she has lost interest in cooking.  She knows how to cook, but seems to not want to waste time doing it.  Needless to say, all of us felt this over the holidays. Her homemade blue cheese dressing was over-horseradished (wowee! spicy!), the fake marscapone cheese dressing for the baked pears was more cheesy than sweet, and the food well, otherwise lacked flavor. We attempted several things, but she would not give up her reign over the kitchen either, so it was a bit difficult.  I'm not really criticizing my Mom, because it is hard to handle a house full of people, especially young little people, and make a bunch of mouth watering meals.  I believe her tastebuds are a bit off because I've had a few dressings she has made in October and they were also off…

Finally yesterday she agreed to allow me to make Chili.  This is a simple recipe, and not one I would have chosen.  We had a ton of left over pork cutlets from my Mom's Holiday dinner (Pork cutlets smothered in tomato sausce with spaghetti?) So I decided to try to use them up and since they were getting dry like Pork can do, chili seemed a good bet….

I threw red beans, white beans, tomato paste, and the pork into the crock pot.  I also cheated and added a McCormick Chili seasoning packet to the mix.  My Mother sort of kept hanging around the kitchen and kept saying "We don't make chili that way"  She was aghast when I added half an onion chopped up nicely. I decided just to make it.  I was so hungry for a meal with good flavor!  Eventually she wandered off to try out her new Polarizing lense that she had recieved for Christmas.


I let the Chili cook.  I was going to make rice to go with it, but my Mother told me that "We never eat Chili with rice…who eats chili with rice" so I made a nice loaf of cornbread instead. My mother eventually came out with the idea that she could rescue the disaster in the kitchen, and was pleasantly surprised with the chili meal bubbling in the crock pot, and a fresh oval loaf of cornbread cooling on top of the stove.

As it turned out, both my mother and I thoguht the chili quite good.  My mom kept asking how I got the seasoning so perfect…..she even liked the onions..

Ha ha

I told her it was all in the packet I used….


Admittedly, when using the packet for seasoning, the Chili comes out with no real individual flavor, but it does come out tasting like chili….

My Dad wasn't so fond of it, but he apparently does not like Mexican, so Chili falls under that category.

I served it with sharp cheddar to top it, a nice salad, and the corn bread.  In hindsite, i wish I had put a dollop of sour cream on everyone's bowl, that might have helped Dad…

So I did finally achieve my goal of cooking a meal for my Mother.  It wasn't what I wanted to cook, nor was it very difficult, but Mom did seem pleased to have the night off….

I enjoyed the chili a lot though, and I think I will have to make more when I get settled.


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10 thoughts on “Dinner

  1. A friend of mine looks at the ingredients on the back of those seasoning mixes and then recreates it herself. I've started trying to do that now as well – you could premix your own and store it in a jar…Cornbread sounds nice – my husband loves cornbread, but I only really make it for Thanksgiving dinner. I shall do it next time we have chilli con carne!Good inventive use of the leftover Pork though!

  2. Sounds yummy—although I don't like chili—it tends to be way too spicey for my tender mouth. I love the way it smells, though.
    Chris says I'm going to lose weight in India as all of their food is extremely spicey.

  3. This sounds really good. I hope you're enjoying your time with your parents. I really need to visit my parents and spend more time with them. They are about a 7 hour drive from here. Things are always so hectic and unpredictable with work and the kids' activities going on. I think I just need to make a trek by myself for a couple of days. Maybe you'll be able to keep your foot in the kitchen door for New Year's dinner, eh?

  4. I love a good chili and I think the best ones are when you have some left-overs in your fridge and throw it together and try to figure out the spices and additives that make it come together.
    Oh and cornbread instead of rice anytime!

  5. It is nice, but sort of frustrating to be home, I feel like a kid again…and a lot of things going on right now, my parents are going off to Portugal for a month and are trying to settle the house, animals etc….
    New Years Eve Dinner, is post race, I'll take them out if I need to….its an evening race, My mom will be doing Photographs, so I expect to have some really good ones…. (I am hoping t o have a PR, but…looking at my training runs, i'm probably not going to, but…I will try.)
    I'm hoping for the Thai resturaunt, but….well…my Dad likes it my Mom doesn't…

  6. For the record, I eat chili with rice. And I eat it with cornbread. And cheddar. And sour cream. Heck, I've had chili over spaghetti a couple times.For the meat, I typically add a mix of ground beef and uncased chorizo. I must modestly mention that I have won a couple awards for this particular recipe at my school's annual chili cook-off. I think it's the chorizo.I typically serve it with tortilla chips and cheddar with the option of sour cream. Personally, I stir in the sour cream and cheese to kill the (temperature) heat so I can get right down to the important business of eating it.Good luck with future pots. Don't ever be afraid to tweak, improvise, and experiment!

  7. I am a big fan of the seasoning packet…especially if I am in a hurry and need something easy and that is a "sure thing". McCormick's seasonings have definitely got it down in that department. Like you said, it isn't very distinctive, but it always turns out tasting like it should.
    I'm glad you got your mom to finally let go for an evening, even if it was a bit of a struggle.
    I need to learn how to make a good cornbread…

  8. I was going
    to say it sounds like you have been away form home for a while and its funny
    how our taste buds change and that old home cooked meal mom used to make
    doesn’t always taste the same. You need to try stews the left over miracle
    where you throw in any meat you have left, vegetables pot barley and whatever
    you can get a hold of always some potatoes a must, but some times you have to
    make a bad tasting meal to know what a good one taste like, and some Chilli
    taste beyond great but as there are many chilli’s there are as many chilli mixes.
    Cooking is a love hate relationship for me, anymore.

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