Snowy Morning

I do really rather like snow in this amount.  I'm just worried that my night race will be cancelled.  My secret worry is that they don't cancel it and I slip and fall, and injure myself again….

All that said, the snow is really beautiful.  I woke to the quiet that a blanket of new snow can create, and snapped off some photos, while my Mother ran about like a small child trying to get fully dressed so she could go out and really photograph (So I can share her talent later I imagine…)  Here's the beauty of the snowfall..



This is the view from the front porch…I couldn't find my shoes, so the subject matter is limited to where I could see from doors!!!!


I really liked the Pink in the sky reflecting off the mountains this morning, though its hard to see the mountain range as it has clouds in the way….


The Pond:


And because my Mother is a part of Feeder Watch:  One of the multiple bird feeders we have, but I see no birds in my shot…there are flocks out there now….



And from the back…




HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone!!!!!

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15 thoughts on “Snowy Morning

  1. Beauty photos
    (you ever find when you don’t have the camera there’s always great photo opportunities)
    it looks so wonderful although I hope it snows more, I know bad for your race
    good for mental happiness. Even if they cancel your race be proud you stuck
    with the training and that you will keep on training for your next challenge. If
    you get to race good luck in the run and be careful out there. And I hope 2008
    brings you closer to your racing goals or gold depending on how you wish to
    place. Happy New Year to you and those you hold dear.

  2. I hope your race went well. Happy New Year!I tried on some PIs at the store the other day. I actually kind of liked them. I asked the guy at the store if I was allowed to wear them, since I am not a "runner." He laughed. I may try a pair after my marathon. Too late to change horses now!

  3. Nice. We had no snow till now …The weather prophets forecasted some for two days ago, then for today, now for wednesday … Guess when they repeat their statement often enough the get it right ☺.Also a Happy New Year and a successful 2008 from Austria.

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