Weather bites!

Oh gosh.

I can not believe, today, of all days, the day before my night race…

It snowed.  Now it is sleeting. things are sticking.

My PI's don't have super Traction so I might have to race in my old Mizunos…

if the race is on at all.

Sad Katie. 

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8 thoughts on “Weather bites!

  1. Aww, I'm sorry! (hugs) That sounds just nasty.
    I'm running (and walking, but who's counting? :P) my first 5K on Wednesday; I hope to goodness that I get nicer weather than what you are describing.
    Hope it clears up for you.

  2. Ubi thanks…. 2 of my relatives have just made bold statements about how I am not running…
    Blech. I will still have to run, but I wanted to race…
    Whine, moan, complain….. It's coming down…so pretty, but why! Why not for Christmas?

  3. hp says:

    Oh Darn! Well, if the weather persists everyone else will be in the same boat, so hopefully people will just get into the spirit of things, regardless of the weather. I ran a race once in absolute downpour and we all sort of "came together in adversity."

  4. Good luck on the race. It will make it interesting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but it looks like our temperatures are going to plunge with 15 to 20 mph winds for New Year's… If your race is on some main roads, it might not be too bad.

  5. I hope that in the morning it warms up enough to turn to rain and melt everything so you can have your race (safely). Sending warm thoughts your way!

  6. Any weather
    is running weather, that’s what some runners I used to know said. Yah right was
    always my answer. A warm spring rain or a beautiful summer shower or a lovely
    snow fun for a short walk, but to run in I don’t think so! Good luck with your
    run and take care, do your best, I know you can do it.

  7. I like running when it's cold – or wet, nicer than when it's scorching hot anyway.I'm getting to that stage now where I'm looking forward to getting out running again, which is good.

  8. I want to run the race, but we will have to see if the organizers cancel it for safety reasons. It's perfectly safe out there, but as we all know, once you get a herd of runners together things can change….

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