New Years

Ok, so Vox  is going to be bombarded with the New Year resolution posts….and I am going to part of the Bombardment.  That said.  I failed at last years goals, so this year, lets see if I can be more realistic…or something.

It is amazing how different a person can be from the start of one year to the next, isn't it?

So here goes.

1. Running

      Run without injury for the entire year.  No PT.  etc.

      Run Canyonlands and be happy to finish no matter what time I finish in.

      Run a 5K in under 30 min. once in training or in a race, preferably in a race.

 2. Job

     Decide what to do about job…do I want to keep traveling.  Where would I work at home if I went home for good


     Keep getting good reviews.

 3. Money

       Get a bit more serious about saving for retirement.  I know I am  not saving enough.  Currently I autodeduct into a

       Roth IRA, and I have a tiaa-cref account from my old job.  It only has about 15K in it, but it is earning still which

       is good.  I have a CD coming due this year, and I can not decide if I want to pay off my car and student loan with

       it or sock it into retirement.  Byt the time it comes due something will probably break on the house!

4. Family

       My sister begged me to be more in contact with her at the Holidays.  Personally, she is a pain to deal with, but

       she is my sister.  I will try to email at least once a week. 

       Parents  just be more in touch about exactly where I am.  My Mother suffers from an intense need to know things

      like the address of the hospital I am at, not just the house! 

      Grandparents: More cards and letters

      Cousins: more emails. 

 5; Social

       I will try again to be more social.  this year I had social moments and dated a bit, but that ended….so now I need to go out a bit more, and try to see if I can't meet mroe interesting people….


Thats about it.  I have little goals, but none require huge efforts to achieve….just the above.  I may tinker with this a little more.

I hope 2008 is better than 07 turned out to be.

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5 thoughts on “New Years

  1. All are
    great and noble New Year resolution, the smartest thing is the saving
    for retirement although you are not very old the more you do save now the
    younger you can retire to have more fun and maybe even travel more? Only
    knowing you on vox gives me a glimpse of who you are, but there is always not
    enough time to properly talk to family, brothers or sisters some days they are
    great to talk to some days it seems like the same old conversation.

    Your running sounds like a good resolution and if its
    something you really love to do you will easily become great in that, like a
    job either you love your work or are going through the motions, many people don’t
    give it that chance to really get to know it or really examine all the spectrum

    Again I am just writing down thoughts I have enjoyed getting
    to know the person you are by your blog and I hope you achieve all your goals,
    as for the “be more social” from the group of guys that write to your blog and
    how pretty you are I find it hard to believe you don’t go out more, and
    although it will take you away from bloging as it has with so many I hope you
    do find that guy who make you feel special, that person who will make you smile
    just at the thought of being with him. Happy New Year and Happy running and

  2. Seem like a good set of goals to me. Finishing but not caring when you finish at Canyonlands seems especially good. We have too competitive a way of life! Some things should be done for their own joy.

  3. It really is amazing how much can change over the course of a year. I've looked at my goals for last year and I achieved some but missed most. Still, it's a good thing to challenge oneself and see what happens. Good luck!

  4. yes! Last year I had very defined goals. This year I decided to go mroe general and see if I do better. I feel better about them and thats important….

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