Oklahoma and Texas

I did not make it all the way to New Mexico today.  I found I was tired, very cranky and in general feeling that sensation of "Why the hell am I doing this"  I was also worried about money, but I checked my account and I seem to have enough to go without a check for a while longer, even with the extra night at the Day's Inn.  I also found a coupon for Days Inn so that made things nicer. 

I found Oklahoma to be Very Expensive because my route for some reason took me on a Toll road….next time, I-40 all the way….

I also found the people in Oklahoma to be very very friendly and nice.  I might be interested in doing a contract in the state just because of my experiences today. 

Some Oklahoma Shots:



Of course Will Rogers is The Man in Oklahoma.  I took this shot in front of a very interesting McDonalds…



I actually did not eat there.  I am very very tired of fast food, which may be another reason for my ultimate crankiness.  That and my usual migraine which started this morning…

Oklahoma, well, it is pretty flat and wide….



The wind was gusting up to about 45 MPH today so my normally curly hair actually was windblown straight, so I sort of look like my Icon photo!  The wind was so strong that Teulu actually begged to get back into the car, which is very atypical behavior for him lately. 

Of course, Oklahoma is home to a variety of Native American Tribes, and it seems a great deal of Casinos.  So it would not be right to leave you without a shot of the classic, stereotypical American "Injun"



This is in front of a local eatery.  It's pretty common to see this, and I wonder if in some part it isn't encouraged by the local Native Americans as a money generating thingy….  I'm pretty please with this photo which I shot from my Car on the side of a highway…

By the time I got to Texas, I was getting that glazed feeling.  But I did manage a shot of the wind energy generator…



You can see these in both Oklahoma and Texas.  I think this is the right area for them, after my experience with wind today!!!!!

Texas had some very excellent photo ops, but I admit to being ready to get off the road, so I missed most of them…



but I am still in Texas, so who knows.

I'm surprised I managed to get any shots because I was really quite irritable and tired today.  I guess I am not sleeping too well in the hotels.  This morning I finally ran 1.2 miles with the dog, and I am going to go out again after I post this, run Teulu and get dinner…

I got some phone calls today that I missed and I am worried about them as well.  Personally, I want to stick my head in the sand, I am worried that the lawn man found something wrong with the house.  So….I'm going to stick my head in the sand for at least a little bit, while I run and eat!

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7 thoughts on “Oklahoma and Texas

  1. There is
    always something about travel and not sleeping in your own bed that seems to
    zap the strength out of the best of people as well as shorten the fuse making
    everything a item of contention. At least you got some good shots you will
    probably look back at them and not remember the lack of sleep and being on edge
    but of the nice people you meet and the places you seen. Hope you make it home
    soon and everything is fine, also when that happens don’t expect to hear from
    you for a day or two you’ll be sleeping too well and feeling guilty you haven’t
    run that much and probably will try to make it up, just take it easy plenty of
    time to get up to speed and stamina

  2. Thanks for your good photos! Connie and I got engaged in Oklahoma City, at the Cowboy Hall of Fame as a matter of fact. I remember that there was a lot of Will Rogers stuff down there, but did not see the over-the-highway McDonald's. Next time I'll look for it!

  3. While it's nice to have Teulu with you… I'll bet you need some other company – dogs don't exactly talk back! You'll be fine once you get there, and get to know people!

  4. I'm sorry you didn't quite make it all the way, but I am glad you were safe and stopped since you were so tired. I love that metal Texas flag! Hang in there…you are almost 'home'. 🙂

  5. Neat! The over the Highway McD's was the exchange between Missouri and Oklahoma. I actually thought Oklahoma was a pretty neat place and I may want to do a contract there!

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