Mystery solved

It turns out it was not only the altitude that was giving me problems.  I apparently am sick with something.  As always I failed to recognize the symptoms until I was actually running a fever, and finding it hard to swallow and people were mentioning that I looked ghostly.  I thought I was just cranky. I hate being sick, and of course this is also messing up my training plan, but…I'm slightly relieved to know that some of my low performance may have been due to this infection. as the infection will go away and the alitutude won't!!!  It's been going round the Emergency Staff and Police and Paramedics all winter here apparently, so now I really am one of them.


I slept all day today, and then went out and played with Teulu around the yard….consisted of throwing small pieces of brick for him.  (Now he hasn't gotten over his love of the brick.) and petting him.  He is such a tolerant dog, though a bit loud at times, and STRONG! 


Work still going well.  Had some more "sick" people last night…in need of real emergency care, which was nice.  And my Fav.  A young person who had had a fever for 30 minutes.  Didn't take any tylenol, or anything, just came to the ER…

At any rate things are going fairly well.  I want to get up very early one day and get some photos of this area, as the local people aren't keen on people pointing cameras at them, or their houses. 

BUt for now, I feel lousy, and I have to go to work.  So I am conserving all my energy.  O fcourse having it be hard to swallow has again limited what I want to eat, So, I might be able to have another pound of loss.  I hope so.

It's a funny thing, I am feeling a lot more positive, but my body feels like someone from The Patriots (Phenomenal season!) drop kicked me! 

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6 thoughts on “Mystery solved

  1. Take it
    easy with no one around to nurse you, but I am glad to know you didn’t
    foolishly push yourself to perform better in your running.

    Hopefully you
    get better soon, and get back to training but take it easy to start. And am
    glad you feel more apart of your new place of work, its always nice to feel
    like you belong.

  2. I am glad to hear it wasn't just the altitude, if only because hopefully that means once you kick The Crud running will be vastly easier for you. And I hope you are feeling much better very soon! Like Runnergirl said, you tell Teulu to give you lots of puppy love! 🙂

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