Michigan Primaries…Democratic Confusion

I am so confused by the Michigan Primaries.  It seems so odd to me that Really out of the candidates to look at only Hillary was on the ballot.  So unsurprisingly, she won. I know people could vote for "Uncommitted" but it seems many did not. 

I imagine Hillary might have swept the state anyway, but I wonder.

Looking to South Carolina Next.

What a contest, on Both sides!  I keep wondering if this is a year when I will actually vote Republican.  I hate to say it but I really really hate Hillary.  She's Machine Politics and I really feel she is out for herself more than for me or the thousands of other who are just trying to make a living.

It will be interesting indeed.  So many people are watching this race so closely in the US and abroad.  I was overseas during the last election, so this one has got me on the edge of my seat.


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13 thoughts on “Michigan Primaries…Democratic Confusion

  1. Whoa whoa whoa, careful there. Voting Republican is something you can't ever wash off.I'm no fan of Hillary myself. But how about Barack Obama? The guy supports nonproliferation! And actually a lot of other cool things. Just my two cents. Vote with your conscience.

  2. Wulfie, I LOVE Barak, but I am so afraid that in the end my Choices are going to Be Hillary…or the Republican…. I actually met Barak in NH this summer. Lovely manners, and just ready I think to serve. But if i is between Hillary and Mitt Romney, well. I am going to be torn. Mittdid something god with health Insurance in Massachusetts. If Barak is nominated, I wil probably go to work on his campaign…

  3. Thank you Shellakers. Its one of my greatest fears that Hillary will become pres. and then we will have the first man…and somehow the whole thing seems like a sham to me.

  4. hey, I do not care what he wears as long as I dont have to wear it…everyone in Mass has health insurance. It's a good thing. Maybe we need to try on the garments? I think not though. 😉

  5. Being a Michigan resident, I'm glad you brought this up. Personally I chose to NOT vote yesterday, for two reasons:1) Voters had to choose either a Dem or Rep ballot and their choice is public knowledge, meaning voters will get bombarded with that party's propaganda.2) My candidate – Obama – wasn't on the ballot. Personally I think he would've won Michigan – folks aren't exactly high on Hillary or Edwards and Obama is from the midwest. I can't see myself voting for Romney even though I believe in universal health care – he's too much like DeVos and there's a reason he couldn't unseat Granholm. I kinda like McCain, who's the only Rep that I'd consider. Speaking of which, before you consider voting Republican you (and Teulu) may want to read:Discussing the DonkeysEvaluating the Elephants

  6. Another Michigan resident here, I voted uncommitted. I am not a big fan of Hillary either and without Obama and Edwards on the ballot, I wanted to make sure Hillary didn't get all the votes.

  7. there was some flap this year because MImoved the primary to an earlier date, Obama and Edwards withdrew in a show of solidarity, leaving Hill to gobble up the state….

  8. What I understood is that Michigan had its delegates to the Democratic national convention taken away as a penalty for moving up its primary date. (This did not happen in the Republican party). Hillary for some reason didn't withdraw her candidacy, as others did, so she was really the only one on the ballot. But the election, obviously, is of no consequence.

  9. The Michigan primary is still of consequence – most believe that the Dem Nat'l Party (and the RNP, too) wouldn't dare alienate a critical swing state by making their primary meaningless. Michigan is calling the bluff of the national parties; come convention time, we'll find out if the parties were holding any cards.

  10. Sadly, voting uncommitted doesn't necessarily represent an anti-Hillary vote. Delegates who represent the "Hillary block" of votes have to support Hillary at the convention; delegates who represent the "uncommitted" block are free to choose whichever candidate they like, which can be Hillary if they choose. The fact that Hillary left her name on the ballot further cements Katiebell's assertion that Hillary is a political machine – rather than support her own party, she guaranteed herself an easy state win and is hoping that Michigan won't be penalized in the end.

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