My only news

is that I am still sick.  It's been over a week now.  If I can find the Zithromax Rx that the doc gave me, I am going to fill it on Friday.  I have a suspicion that I actually got a sore throat and then a Cold, but it is starting to really bother me.  I can not run because I can barely breathe.  I'm spending a ton of time sleeping, and since it was an entire ONE degree here today, I think thats ok, but can not go on indefinitely.  Not that the Z pack will help much if it is a cold, but at least I will feel somewhat more in control of it.

Not very exciting, though I will note the locals complained that the cold hurt their eyes.  It felt exactly the same to me as it did when it was 34….cold! 


Took care of my second Heroin Overdose in 4 days.  (That would be a patient with a heroin OD).  Not really fun.  BUt considering that in my past I think I had taken care of say 4 in my entire life, (Cocaine is the drug of choice in NC) I am thinking I will become more expert in this soon.  Of course its pretty simple.  This one was complicated by the fact that it was cold out and they had poured water on the patient before bringing the person in.  SO of course this is now a Hood only post.  

Not much else going on. 

Ahhh….Tres Leches.  The Physician last night brought in a Tres Leches Cake last night.  This is my favorite all time dessert.  I have not had it in about 5 years, and had no idea it could be bought in a regular store.  SOme good and wonderful things about living in NM

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5 thoughts on “My only news

  1. Why'd they pour water on him? It'd be interesting to hear what types of trends you notice in the various ERs. An ER doc friend of mine was telling me how 90% of the broken wrists he sees in children are due to trampolines. Not that I can use this info, but it's quite interesting. Get well soon!

  2. Water…I think in theory its like putting a drunk person in a cold shower. Sometimes it works, but most of the time…it just gets them wet. Each place is different. In Claremont which had a Meth Problem, we saw a lot of dental complaints Meth Mouth
    In NC, I meet a lot of guys who had Cocaine induced heart attacks….
    Here the drug is Heroin. I have not noted too many other trends, the other colds, coughs fevers, and chest pain seem the same. In coastal NC though we had a bunch of special numbers to call for injuries involving marine life and Jet Skis….

  3. Wow, hope you feel better soon! I know sometimes when getting sick forces me to sit down for a couple of days, it's a good break from all the pounding from running, and your legs feel fresher, and you're much more eager after having to have sat down for several days.And in TH, we've become like the Meth capital of the midwest…

  4. Do most ER visits involve drug abuse? I've always imagined that ERs are full of elderly collapses (heart attack, stroke, falls) and broken bone incidents (sports, car accidents, kids' games gone wrong) but it sounds like drug users frequent the place.

  5. It depends. But a fair amount of patients we see are drug users (Since it can cause all sorts of problems) or drug seekers (People wanting rx pain killers). The top complaint is still abdominal pain, and we see a fair amount of Chest Pain/Shortness of Breath. This past week I've seen a ton of children with fever/sorethroat, and lots of dehydrated people with flu like symptoms, also a few guys who cut themselves doing a variety of household stuff… a few broken bones, and a few people who got stomped on by their "friends" Alot again depends on the system in place, here apparently there aren't enough Primary Care Docs so people wait 2 weeks for an appointment, which is frustrating to them…so lots of regualr stuff happens in the ED.

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