Yes, I am still Living

but barely….


It appears that I am STILL sick.  I’ve been completely unable to run for weeks now…Each time I thought I was a little better, the next day I would wake up worse.  I finally got the antibiotic prescription filled yesterday and, while it may be a bit mental, today I feel marginally better.  Still exhausted.  Amazing that I can just sleep through days like nothing is happening…

Filling the script was a chore in itself. I gave them my home address, and my name…all written down because I had lost my voice…and I got back that I live on Pollo Llaydrisrd and my last name was some sort of trujillo…So they wouldnt give me the meds with the name.  Interestingly a day later, they handed me over the medication, my name is still spelled incorrectly…  It is a different world.  The pharmacy cashier continuously gave out all sorts of medical advice to the people getting scripts filled.  Some of it very erroneous, but like I said, its a different world.  If better educated the cashier would be in a position to really improve health since everyone listened to her!!!

Teulu, on the other hand has been the dream companion…Content to lay on the bed with me for hours for the most part and to sit on the porch with his collection of rocks for the other part.


He’s normally such an active dog that this is nice of him to do this, since I seem to be having problems doing anything.  I still go to work, but I am sure I am not quite carrying my load…


Apparently I got the actual Influenza virus…According to CIDRAP (Ctr for Infectious Disease Research and Policy located at Uni of MN) lots of bacteria infections are being seen after flu infection.  So I guess that what I have that is making me feel like I’ve been washed in the extra long cycle and then driven over by a truck and then stretched out to dry….


Other than that, it snowed this morning, but by this afternoon, it has melted and not one would ever know…

So, I have 2 days left of Antibiotics.  I hope they work.  I’ve often been told they wont work for a virus, but each time I’ve been given them, they seem to work wonders, so I hope that two more days from now I feel like a normal person again….

Sorry I have not been responding very much to anything, mostly been asleep…

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5 thoughts on “Yes, I am still Living

  1. You better
    take it easy for a while after your done your medications even if you feel
    well. And I hope you are feeling much better very soon. Amazing how animals
    always know when to back it down a notch or when you actually need to be
    comforted. He deserves praise for taking care of you to the best of his

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