Chimayo NM

Well.  I am still running fevers, and feeling lousy.  The doctor threw around the word Mono last night, but not very seriously.  I'm on day three of antibiotics and we'll see how the course goes.  Work at least made sense last night. 

But in utter frustration I attempted to take some photos.  It's clear to me I am not on my game as the composition is all off…but I still wanted to share a bit of something other than Germs!!!


Here is Teulu in our Kitchen.  Note the large snow shovel in the background, and the unfortunate dissarray on the counters…He's ready for a walk!!!










Next is the less than attractive part of my view from my house…the neighbours.  Not so bad…really.

and the Mountains…  This I took on the way home from work, When the sun hits the Mountains just right it really is breathtaking…



This above Photo is not one of my favorites, I somehow bleached it out a lot, so I'll have to stop there again, probably when the light is different.

And the below is a photo of the little church beside my house.  This is not the Santuario, which I have yet to go

visit due to my illness, though perhaps I should go for healing…It's just a private shrine, very similar to ones you see in Latin America.  I find them fascinating, and I hope to get better photos, though I am unsure if the neighbours appreciate me taking them!!

At any rate, I have several days off work, and hopefully will be feeling better because all sorts of mess seems to have happened with bills, and mail, and frankly I am too too tired to deal with it….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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4 thoughts on “Chimayo NM

  1. Gorgeous photos
    just think what it will look like when the gloom of winter is washed away with
    the kisses of summer sunshine. I know it’s a pain to deal with being sick I myself
    have had to hold on to the bed to keep from falling out. I would much rather
    take care of someone then be taken care of when I am sick.

    Teulu looks like he’s ready to go, such a good dog now if
    you could just teach him how to clean up but sorting out recyclables might be a
    changing. That is going to be some beautiful views when spring and summer

  2. Wow, those mountains are fantastic… I guess it's not a bad tradeoff to make up for the less inspiring immediate view! Also, I loved that tiny church/shrine..

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