So New Goal for the next 2 months

Wow.  I am starting to feel better.  Still feeling very weak, no appetite and stuffy head, but better.  I was able to muster the strength and enthusiasum to actually walk the dog today, and because it was raining we were not bothered by the other loose dogs who were looking for shelter from the rain. 

With my increase in energy, I managed to look up some things on the net regarding places to see in New Mexico.  There are, it appears, 12 National sites in the entire state. I want to see them all, but I'm unsure if I'll be able to get to the very Southern ones.


Only 2 are really close by, but several could be long day trips, since the websites for each of them then state that the average visit is about 2 hours…

The Chaco Culture National Historic Park, and the Aztec ruins, might be places to stop on on the way to or from my "race" in Moab.  I have a 43 Things meet-up planned in ABQ at the end of my contract, so I'm pretty sure we could do a day at the Petroglyph site. 

Bandlier, Pecos, and Fort Union are all within easy driving distances.  I really want to go see the Capulin Volcanic National Monument though because I never thought I'd see any sort of Volcano in New Mexico.    


It is only a two hour drive, with Fort Union on the way…

Carlsbad Caverns on the other hand, is a real trip, and while it is probably the "best" of the natural parks, I am  not sure I'll make it down there.  I'm trying to decide if it might be worth a three day trip now, given that I am trying to save money, and gas and time and hotels are expensive…

But still, there is a lot to see that is within a drivable distance. 

In another week, I am defintiely going out to Bandolier…since its only 30 miles away…

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4 thoughts on “So New Goal for the next 2 months

  1. That's great that you're feeling better.
    New Mexico is a fun place to explore. The state has a lot of interesting geology and evidence of previous volcanic activity. The El Malpais is an amazing landscape of lava rock. When my wife and I rode our horses and pack mules across the southwest as our honeymoon, we rode on the eastern edge of the Malpais- it took us two days of hard riding and we were glad that there was a road we could ride along the side of. The Gila Cliff Dwellings are too far for a day trip but they were also interesting to see, as is Chaco Canyon.
    I hope that you continue to feel better and thanks for your posts.

  2. We liked White Sands when we were there. And, if you are at all a flying saucer buff, you might want to go by Roswell, too, while you are down that way!Of course, Santa Fe is worth looking around quite a bit (and eating at, too). We were there following Route 66. A bit across the NM/AZ border is Petrified Forest and Painted Desert NP, quite remarkable.Glad you are recovering a bit.

  3. Yes, Thanks DR, I am glad ot be almost human again. I appreciated your messages and have not had a lot of energy to respond to them… Santa Fe luckily is so close its not a problem to go. In fact, I will probably need new runners before I leave…so to Santa Fe I shall go…

  4. Even though I haven't had much time to comment, I've been reading about your time in NM. Sorry to hear it hasn't been going well yet. Still, you have some time until the race and it sounds like you are on the rebound now.
    I might suggest stopping near the four corners area and visiting the Anasazi Ruins and the Cliff Dwellings at Mesa Verda National Park in Colorad. Pretty neat place.
    Hang in there and enjoy your time exploring.

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