I ran this morning.  It was not exactly an error, but I went at it in a way that was wrong.  I ran on the treadmill at work, since it was freezing cold and it seemed better to run warm.  Unfortunately I also started outt he run feeling thirsty.  Not smart.  I ended the run with a terrific headache due to that I am sure, and I have not recovered from the headache.  This headache is a nausea inducing one.  Every time I turn my head I want to vomit.  Since I was then too tired to eat vomiting is not an option. 

The good part is that while the rest of me felt like not very good, my legs felt fine. Towards 1.75 I could feel the wierd left leg injury start to actually flare, it seems to me that its a tight Achilles, that pulls on the calf muscles in an unusual way, so maybe I have a better understanding of it now.


I am again looking at jobs back home…but nothing good is really opening up.  Either there is too much regulatory responsibility or when I call they have made an offer on the job 2 days ago…

Overall right now I am in a foul mood, the headache and tiredness doesnt help.  BUt I am pleased that I did do a wee little but of running…..

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5 thoughts on “So….

  1. You are really sick! Sorry! I hope that some doctor is paying close attention.Where is home, and why are you looking for a job back there? Fed up? Or had you always planned to not stay in NM very long?

  2. Drink some OJ if you can handle it. Electrolytes, more K than a banana, carbohydrates. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I've really struggled this week. Combination of hard training and working a little too much.

  3. New Mexico, like everywhere else is just a contract job. If I could find a different sort of job, that could last me the rest of my working life, I would take it back home in NC. I miss the warm weather and such….but we'll see, either way, I'll probably be doing my next contract back in NC…in April.

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