Small Success

I ran again today after work.  I did 2 miles on the Treadmill and a half a mile outside, mostly a half a mile of a repeat Hill. 

I was also able to do one set of ten crunches…one set of squats with 8 pd dumbbells on the wobble board, and a few very exhausting minutes of trampoline running….

Tramp running is supposed to be good for form, but I had a great deal of difficulty getting my arms and legs coordinated. 

 I then went on home, walked Teulu, and did a little more jogging with him on the road. 

The run wasn't great, but for the first time in a long long time, I feel normal….Yay!

Now to do a decent amount of miles….Saturday the gym is closed to patients, soI plan to take full advantage of it, plus the fact that they have a great stereo system.  We'll see what kind of long run I get in…

Now to get some rest! 

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9 thoughts on “Small Success

  1. I'm glad you're feeling better now. I hope it doesn't take too long to get back into the swing of workouts and running. I'm sure Teulu is happy that you're able to take him out again.

  2. It’s great
    that you’re feeling better! And I am happy for you!

    Are you all
    better or just good enough to push yourself?

    But why are you trying to destroy your
    perfectly good body by pushing it too soon and too fast?

    Like so many others is their some destructive
    gene, making them wanting to hurt themselves?

  3. It's actually very very easy, the wobble board and the dumbbells force you to squat properly. But, the trick is to have worked up to balancig on the wobble board and then squats without weights and then….add in the weights.

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