I have had a stellar day today, in some ways.

I woke early at about 5 am, and made coffee, and had some breakfast.  Just as the sun was coming up I took the dog out for a walk.  I've learned that fewer of the loose dogs are out early in the morning, so it's a nice time to get him out.  We walked for about 30 minutes, the sky was a gorgeous pink, but I did not walk with my camera.  Next Sunday I think I will try to remember it, as there was also no one about.

After that, I drove into town to go running…I was sincerely nervous about the whole thing, and I was also feeling good for the first time in so long.  My body actually wanted to run. 

It was about 30 degrees Farenheit. That is apparently -1 celcius.  I found I ran fairly well for the first mile, less well the second and was having a lot of trouble on the third.  Most of my running problems relate to breathing, and especially breathing in cold air.  I didn't think the air was all that bad, but since the run I have been doing the asthmatic cough thing, so i guess it was a bit problematic.  I  ran 3.27 miles.  Normally after all the illness I'd be pretty pleased, but I am in a panic due to the upcoming race.  I still think I am going to be ok to run it with an average of 12 minute miles…but I am not sure what that belief is based on!!!  I am also hoping that the live high train low thing I am doing will help me in the race, but I imaigne it will not be a very big factor….I felt my legs could have gone more, but my lungs wre not feeling the running love….which is a big show of the decrease in my aerobic fitness…but well, I must soldier on.

The nice thing about this day was that this is quite a regular routiene for me.  I like routiene.  It makes me feel comfortable.  Everything else about my life has been incredibly stressful lately and the weather is cold which actually makes me feel for some reason oppressed!  (Heaven forbid I actually become oppressed in any way).  I am trying to find a job that is nursing but is less bedside and more research related. So as I do this, of course my cell phone has gone completely kaput.  It was a 20 dollar phone, so no issues ot get a new one, but I must go into Santa Fe to get one and I will need a day off to do that.  So, I am worried that places I contacted can not contact me!!! SOmething has happened to one of my bills and it appears that my internet service has been turned off at home…Grrrr.  I have been paying a cable bill, but it seems I have been paying the wrong one. Usually they call me to tell me if the bill is overdue, but of course, my cell is malfunctioning.  SO now my main email and my cell are down…At least i have a land line.

Most of this mess occurred when I was sick in the bed having the flu.  So now I must must must sort it all out.  Hopefully I can motivate myself to make a few phone calls Monday Morning after work…though the home state internet is going to be quite difficult…. 

Ok so the worlds most boring post ever, here it is….

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4 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. For someone who likes routine you certainly seek out a lot of change! I think you can have a lot of fun at Canyonlands. Start at the back of the field, start slowly (I like your 12:00/mi target) and just enjoy the view. You can't run a course like that in NC! Then if you're feeling spry after 10 miles you can attack the last 5K and see how many folks you can pass. Whatever you do, just have fun, and bring home a nice red rock for Teulu.

  2. You know, you are going to do great at your race. You've been training very well, mixing things up, and your times have been very good. Looking over your posts, you seem to have surprised yourself on a few occasions lately. Pre-race anxiety is normal, as you know. Don't overthink it, you'll obtain your goals.

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