New Mexico….


So I finally found my memory card, so I decided to make some pictures on my way home from my workout.  I apparently am not skilled at balancing light because none of these photos really capture how beautiful the mountains really are..

First off though is a somewhat fuzzy photo of me modeling my very nice North Face hat.  I love it, keeps my head warm and also absorbs a lot of sweat…and it has a side benefit of hiding my hair on bad hair days.  I regret that I can



not wear it actually while I am working.

Not the best focused photo, but here I am, somewhat smiling.  Its a bit hard to take a photo of oneself, smile and concentrate on getting everything right!!!


That said, I ran 4.5 miles today, slowly.  It did feel better than on Sunday, but as I was running I felt I would not be able to run the Half.  Wierdly my stride seems to have improved (Form wise), but I am not really in the shape needed.  I'm going to wait and see, but in the end it may end up being just a sightseeing and cheering trip for me, which will be just disappointing.  Some of this has got to be mental.  I have always struggled with this, and it is easy for me to think myself into a place where I don't particularly want to be with running.  I was surprised to see some faster paced half miles today int he workout, but I remain slow. It seems when I am running I am running faster, but I still like to occasionally catch my breath!!!

I was able to also workout a bit at the gym…trampoline running, "running arms" with weights, some push ups, one set of reverse lunges with a 10 pound ball, and crunches.

On my way home I endeavored to take photos.


These are the road markers. Here essentially all the roads are County roads and simply numbered.  I actually reside in Rio Arriba County, but right on the line, so this photo happens to be of CR 88 in Santa Fe county.


And then we come to my attempts to capture the mountains.  I suppose a photo just can't do this area justice.  But Ansel Adams took some very beautiful Mountain photos of the Sangre de Christo Mountains , then again, I am not Ansel!

Below is the view from the turn off of the main road to the La Puebla road to my house. Off center, taken through the windshield.

The above and below are taken on La Puebla Road…

And one more shot, trying to capture the varying terrain.

I'm going to keep experimenting with these shots.  I am not thrilled with how they have come out, but I am not sure what I can do to make it better….

So thats where I am, and yes, in case you are wondering, we are having a very nice warm day with very blue skies, apparently tomorro is snow and ice!!!



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9 thoughts on “New Mexico….

  1. What kind of camera do you have? It looks similar to ours, although I know at a distance many of them look the same!
    Ah, blue skies. And it looks warm. Probably because there isn't any snow on the ground. Someday we'll be able to see grass again here!

  2. I have never been very good with scenic photography like this, but I still think these are beautiful! The Southwest has an amazing landscape…glad you found your card for the camera. I look forward to more photos!

  3. Its fairly warm today in the 40's. But tomorro we are supposed to get a big ice and snow storm…I really can not see how you all live up there in Michigan!!! Clearly many people are tougher than I am ….

  4. Absolutely breathtaking! I can't even imagine how beautiful these mountains are in real life.
    I also loved the one of you in your cute little hat! It's too bad you can't wear it at work:-( lol

  5. Very nice pictures. One thing that I noticed about high altitude when I went to Colorado is that the sky directly above is "very" blue. It seems that way in some of your pictures. Sounds like the running is going well. I wish I had the discipline to do the core strength work. I do it occasionally, but not on a consistent enough basis.

  6. Yes but Ansel
    Adams had people punch up his work in the dark room!

    You might have to do some colour balancing in the computer afterwards
    even darkening it up. Such gorgeous countryside down there if I only could
    bring down a camera and spend a few days shooting.

  7. What an incredible place you live… that's another one to go on my ever-growing list!
    You're doing okay – I still maintain that if you can run 8 miles a couple of times before Canyonlands, I reckon you'll be able to do it – especially because you've been varying your training, and training at altitude.
    You might surprise yourself – I know I did!

  8. Awesome photos! Whenever I see terrain like that I wish I could run across the whole thing as if I were 100 feet tall.It can be tough that the mind can adapt faster than the body, but sometimes too much thinking can put the cart before the horse, too.By the way, you are quite cute in that hat!

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