Treadmill of Doom

So, I was able to get a workout in today at 4 am.  I was already up and I figured then I woul not have to endure Dwight Yoakum, nor the looks from the staff as they trundle in. 

The security guard, and the other nurses looked at me like I was out of my mind, but, the guard let me in and locked me in actually,which wassomewhat reassuring.

I had a very difficult workout. The treadmill of doom was pure misery.  I ended up doing about 3.6 miles,then somework on an ellipitical, then some lunges with a weighted ball, crunches, chest press, and the Running armsexersise with weights.  I hate to admit it, but my quads are still feeling it hours later.

I suppose I will not be running Canyonlands.  I am not in very good shape.  I am always out of breath here when running, and it is actually not very enjoyable for that reason.  I will volunteer rather and still attempt to enjoy the race atmosphere.  I am very annoyed because I trained so well to a point and then things fell apart.  But I am also resigned.  I had the flu and was really sick for almost a month, so I suppose that screwed things up.

Currently Looking for a new assignment, in Warm Florida.  If my License comes through and I get the position (Looks Like in Orlando) I will try to trainup to  run The Minnie 15K in May. Only 9 miles. Might be doable.   At least it will be warmer.

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9 thoughts on “Treadmill of Doom

  1. Florida in May—will be right at HOT! I hope you get it, though.
    I'm sorry that the treadmill was not nice to you today. I might have looked at you funny if I'd seen you there to exercise at the early hour of 4am.
    I'm sure, with time, you will be back to your regular running shape. I hate that you ended up with the flu. **knocking on wood that it stays out of my house****

  2. Yep, 4am and Treadmill were never going to be pretty – or have a positive effect on morale. Why not have a go at running Canyonlands anyway? Get a few 4/5 mile runs in between now and then (if you have time) and the people/atmosphere may spur you along to run/jog/walk all the way to the end.

  3. katiebell, I have to agree with ozp961tk here. Why not just give it a go. I honestly think you would surprise yourself. You were running reasonably strongly before you got ill, and at the worst you will have to walk some. I am very sure you could run at least over half of it. at the very worst, it will be an amazing walk. your are doubting yourself too much.

  4. Its too bad but its not like that place and run is no longer
    going to be or that you have hit the down hill slope of life, you haven’t reached
    an age where they no longer will let you run! The best laid plans always go
    astray, but it sounds like you should be in for a nice change, I hope your license
    come in and you get yourself to a little wormer place so you can do some actual
    running outdoors. But it sounds like a good plan to make the best of it by volunteer
    you will enjoy that an be able to get a few good photos!

  5. I still think you would surprise yourself, and as the others say, it doesn't matter if you walk some of it – you might make some friends along the way.
    I'm not surprised you feel shattered after working out at 4a.m.!
    Don't give up yourself – you're still very fit, and you've been doing lots of different types of training (and at altitude).

  6. 4am on a treadmill must've felt kinda surreal at times! Sorry to hear about Canyonlands, but if you don't run it then choosing to volunteer is a great idea. You'll have a lot of fun and there are always more races – you can't run 'em all. I'm not being flip; I understand the frustration passing up a race that had been a big goal.

  7. Yeah, it's OK.. I am going togive the outdoor running one more Go, and then if I can't really do it, I wont. I'll just focus on the silly pink Minnie Medal in Fla…If thingswork out in that way.

  8. I think I'd call it the dreadmill. As much as I bitch about the cold, it is so hard for me to run on a treadmill. I sweat like hell, which I don't mind, but you can't exactly take your shirt off in the fitness center. Also, you can't exactly spit on the floor either. And a 75 minute run would take forever!!! It's just a matter of getting used to though. Hang in there. You can always jump into some smaller races until you have the right opportunity to train for a big race.

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