Saints and Sinners

Thought I'd share a little local culture. Apparently there is a small one table bar in side, and some very fine wine is offerred for sale.  It also is on an album cover from yester-years, before CD's that is,but I am not sure whoose album…

Apologies for the awkward photo, taken from the car window…

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9 thoughts on “Saints and Sinners

  1. It was opened many years ago by a local high school coach that had won the town many state championships. He was an avid SEC sports guy and had a whole bunch of one of a kind signed/autographed paraphanelia in the restaraunt. He was a bit wacky, though and would charge you based on his mood. A party of six different people could all go to the restaraunt and have the same exact meal and all be charged six different prices. He sold the restaraunt to a new/healthy young couple and the place burnt to the ground less than a month later (all of his mementos were still in it). They rebuilt, made some changes that didn't suit the locals….and went out of business. I saw some cars in the parking lot the other day, maybe they are planning on reopening. I hope so, because without the Boar's Butt, there really isn't much of a choice in our little town.

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