I guess I should pay better attention to the weather reports.  Last night I noted the registration clerk was asking everyone about the Weather outside,which should have been another clue, but no…Not until it started to snow like crazy did I realize we were in for some weather!!!

It snowed about 3-4 inches today in a matter of hours. Unfortunately those hours were during my drive back to the house. I first missed my turn off, and then witnessed several accidents, luckily nothing serious, just a bunch of bent fenders.  It was amazing how quickly things changed!  Below are the frozen Cacti that have seen better days.


At ny rate, I did make it home safely with some minor slippage.  The wet snow was really the stuff  trie chains are made for.  I, however, have no chains. 

Immediately upon arriing home, I was greeted by an enthusiastic canine.  We went for a walk which included lots of  running on his part, and digging through the snow for his beloved rocks.


SnowFeb2008 014SnowFeb2008 013SnowFeb2008 022SnowFeb2008 016

 I must say despite the big chunks of snow pack that I had to get out from beween his toes afterwards, he really seems to love snow, no matter how much I don't!!!

I was very thrilled to learn that his "Come" really is a come.  As he was cavorting at high speed down the road, I heard the groaning of a big pick up truck.  Since he spends very little time off leash near roads,I decided to at least try to call him to me, so One little "Come" and he zipped right over.  Admittedly he the jumped on me….but he was where I asked him to be…




Everything was just covered…I like the way snow can make things seem fresh!


But all that said, I am really really ready for some warm weather.  I heard from 2 people today that it was in the high 70's in Florida.  So, lets all hope my fingerprint card arrives soon and then my license….


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10 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Tire chains? Looks very beautiful out and I can see by your
    photos how well someone loved the snow but with that natural fur coat it must
    have been quite a while before he dried out. You got some very lovely shots too
    bad about your drive home in the snow, I used to love to go for drives in the
    snow, not so much anymore. Good luck on your paperwork getting done

  2. The snow was really blowing about like you would not believe into small drifts, and it was sticky as well, most big vehicals were fine but my little car probably would have donebetter with a set of light chains….

  3. Pretty scenery! I can relate with the dogs loving cooler weather. Marly also LOVES cold weather (though she hasn't experienced snow yet). Sadie, however, is a diva and dislikes any uncomfortable situations – rain, snow, cold, too hot, etc. 🙂
    Teulu is such a handsome boy!

  4. I'll bet Teulu had a blast in that snow. Great pictures again.The first weekend we were here in Japan, we woke up to several inches of snow. I'm sure there'd been weather predictions but we couldn't understand them! And anyway, snow is a rare occurrence in our neck of Japan…

  5. You can’t
    use chains up here, but at times I have to laugh at the days it snows like it
    did today with all the fender benders reported on the radio, it seems when it
    snows everyone becomes stupid and forgets how to drive in the snow and after
    the roads are clean they drive with caution for several days then it snows
    again and they throw caution out the window.

    Well when
    you get to Florida you won’t need any chains just sun glasses and a little
    sunscreen cream! But the dog isn’t going to love no snow to play in, and all
    that heat, although a good air conditioner and haircut, and maybe you will have
    to carry a parasol for shade for him.

    Take care,
    and I hope warmer climates are in your future!

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