Finally…agood work out.

Yesterday I worked some overtime 11am to 5 pm to be exact.  Wow.  I discovered that certain day shift nurses really are as mean as was advertised, and lazy!  Needless to say I was happy to see my relief arrive, even though it was not that busy and compared to the volume seen in that ER on nights it was like a walk in the park.

After that I headed over to the Physical Therapy gym for another attempt at the running thing.  There were 2 other employees there  who were doing some curious workout routienes.  Hallelujah!  Dwight Yoakumwas no where to be played!!!  However, the guy had chosen a CD of  Selena  The queen of Tejano music.  In this particular CD,it seemed to be the slower style, and sort of breezy, spanish singing.  I couldn't figure out why he would have chosen that,as it was soooo slow.  WHen he left he put on Van Morrison's The Philosopher's Stone  again music with a fairly sedate pace.  I noted though that both men spent a lot of time standing about, lifting some weights and then standing about again.  None of them did a complete weight set….so maybe their attitude is different.

I on the other hand had a really good run on the Treadmill of DOOM.  I ran 2 miles without feeling winded and with my heart rate staying 20 beats below my Max.  I ran 2 more miles after which were not as easy butstill were notthat hard either.  I was really pleased since I had had so much trouble at my last workout. 

After that I did minimal weights and crunches, andthen I went home.  Not a very exciting Friday, but pleasing.

I really want to find my CD of running music.  It's full of Motown, Aqua, Brenda Fassie, Loketo,and otherpump you up rhythms….I wonder how people would react!!!

Anyway, I feel encouraged regarding everything. Now to just watch the diet a bit more….

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4 thoughts on “Finally…agood work out.

  1. You mean the "Barbie Girl" Aqua? I don't know about your Yoakamites but Amanda might jump on the treadmill if she heard that song! 🙂 She loves those one-hit wonders like Unskinny Bop and I must admit, they're fun for running.

  2. I find that when I run/walk (or just exercise in some way) frequently I tend to eat healthier, too. I'll eat more than I do when I'm sedentary, but it's considerably more balanced: lots of protein, and snacking on fruits or veggies rather than junk.

  3. I wonder if
    the lead singer of Aqua keeps up her sharp shooting, now there’s a woman who
    sweets a lot love that music and the sounds of there voices. Some one before
    suggested you should get a I-Pod or something to listen to your music it would
    be a great idea. With all these new cell phones having such good music players
    in them like the one Samsung that you can put a 32GB memory card that would
    hold a good run worth of music. But it sounds like sickness is almost gone and
    a healthy runner is coming back in charge of her regiment and training, still
    don’t go crazy and have fun.

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