I’ve gone over to the Dark side

Once again, I am using Cross Country TravCorps  as my agency for my next assignment.  This is a huge Brand in the travel nursing company, so big that it actually has other brands under it…Crisis Unit Response48, NovaPro, CLinForce, Assignment America, Med Staff, and several more research temp staffing and other "Human capital staffing" firms.  Now, although they say that each of these companies offers something different, I find, having worked for NovaPro, that it is essentially the same as working for CCTC. I've decided that they offer NovaPro because some nurses swear they will never darken CCTC's door will happily sign on with NovaPro, or Med Staff, as they usually don't realize it's signing with CCTC.  


In the Travel Nursing Industry, we pretty much refer to CCTC  and a few other very large companies like CCTC as the evil empire.  Why so evil?  Mostly because they are so big.  CCTC has tons more contracts than most other companies.  In many areas, they have contracted to be the preferred "vendor" for nurses and therapists in a hospital system, giving them essentially a monopoly on the system.  Yes, you could work for that system through another agency, but CCTC would take a cut meaning, if you had contracted with CCTC, you would be making more.  Supposedly the pay is lower with these large companies because of large overhead, and Lowballing hospitals.  Insurance benefits are average,rather than spectacular. And generally nurses feel these companies have no regard for the nurse and are only interested in the money. 

So why on earth wouId I work for them?

Wierdly, CCTC offers a lot of things that the smaller companies don't.

I can view my time sheets on line and call and correct if a mistake has been made.

They do have alot of assignments all over.

Frankly the pay with them has been similar to other companies.

The insuance is adequate.

If they are the preferred vendor and you work for them, that is always in your advantage.

they offer continuing education for free.

Because they have a cookie cutter approach one tends to know exactly what to expect from them.

The only issue I've had was with the housing.  However, their housing has been the best as far as comfort andsaftey this year, so I suppose now I can not call it an issue!!!

So,unless my small company  finds me a contract that I want to so far does not exist,

I am heading over to the dark side…. :) 


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4 thoughts on “I’ve gone over to the Dark side

  1. umm whats so dark about getting everything done without having to sweat the details. its not like this company has misplaced workers (now where did we send that person again?) put there lives in danger or not payed there workers.

  2. Well, I guess Katie referred to them as the evil empire because (in theory) if a company got a big market share (and therefore drove others out of business) there can be a point where this company can start to dictate the modalities. And if there is no competition anymore as worker you than can stand in front of "Love it or leave it".

  3. No, but they do have a history of being very inflexible,insensitive to their workers. I had a problem with their housing requirements (Must be an apartment,so if something doesn't work out iethe nurse, they cna quickly fill the apartment with another nurse…)but out of all the housing this year that apartment turned out to be best of the three contracts…

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