its still cold here in New Mexico.  I'm getting tired of being cold all the time.  I just woke up and with the heaters on it is a bold 57 degrees farenheit (13 degrees C). 

I've recently had a thought that being on the Beach in Florida might be a more fun assignment. 

I'm already submitted to what looks like a good hospital, but my start date is about a month over what they want, so we will see.  It's day shift, 3 days a week, close to the National Training Center, where I am hoping they might be able to once and for permanent sort out what is the problem with the left leg. I still run on it, and it still hurts. I am pretty sure they are the only people at this point who can solve the problem if anyone can.

I have found a nice apartment complex in between that is flexible in lease terms etc. 

So I like this option.

But if that doesn't pan out, there are positons in Coral Gables, Boca Raton, and Homestead.  All nicely located near Beaches.  I have a traveler friend who has suddenly expressed an interest in traveling with me to Fl as well, with a similar start date, so,hitting the beach might be a great plan.  No National Training Center, but I imagine there are decent gyms there.  It's Florida, not rural New Mexico.

Nothing wrong with a little beach



to cure my current woes with


being Charlie










Hopefully something will work out.  I have about 6 weeks left on this cold contract.  I am starting to dislike certain staff members (Ones who are writing letters for their sons scholarship applications while the rest of us are working…) and unfortunately because I am tired, lonely,and stressed out and darn it all, COLD, its showing.  I want to go to warm,andI wish it could all be taken care of today.

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6 thoughts on “Florida

  1. At least with your travels you don't have to wait too long before another change is around the corner. Although February is the shortest month of the year it has felt like the longest around here.

  2. I loved Florida when we went for our honeymoon, and my in-laws keep going back… you will love it… the warmth, the culture, the restaurants, bars etc… it's gotta be quite a stark contrast to NM!

  3. We were just in Florida for three weeks, and enjoyed it there. It does have a downside, though: (a) It is hot in the summer, and (b) at least during the season, the traffic in the popular regions are just awful! I guess (c) hurricanes are a third issue that keep some people away at those times of the year.

  4. Good luck! I understand ENTIRELY about wanting to be on a beach. While it isn't nearly as cold here (think 40s-60s) I'm still craving some sun and sand. Hope it works out for you!

  5. well, ofcourse its hot in the summer. i do heat well…traffic is usually not an issue for me because i work such long hours i miss peak times, but i am not a fan of the hurricane. its only a travel contract, so not a life commitment….

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