Well,  the supposedly slow to call Lady Lake Fl Hospital called today, just one day after I was submitted.  I was unfortunately on the telephone with the license service.

I've called back and left a message and hope to hear again.  I do know from the company that they had submitted myself and another candidate.  So…. We'll see.  I finageled a bit about the housing with the recruiter, and hopefully that will all work out.

I'm feeling very tired, and I still need to go run.  Having some coffee and getting changed. 

I feel a bit stressed. 

Lots going on, and I feel somehow not in control of most of it!!!  Even though I really am.

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2 thoughts on “Interviewing

  1. Too bad about having the line tied up, but thats the problem of the modern world you always seem to be in step, or at times out of step. Take it easy if it was meant to be it will happen one missed call wont be the end of it.

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