One more step completed

Today My Shiny Finger Print Cards arrived in the mail.  (Well, ok so they arrived in the mail 3 days ago to a colleagues home, but I got them today). So, I immediately headed out to the local PD to have this done.  When I get there, I see that the doors marked "Police" are locked.  there is a small map posted and it explains how to get to the new PD and detention center. So,I drive out there.

When I get there, apparently I was supposed to have paid 10 USD at the Utilities desk, and then come on out to have prints made. 

Well, now how was I supposed to know to go to the city hall utilities dept? 

Lucikly I knew the officer, and he did my printsfor me with a promise that I'd bring back a reciept.


The whole time I was being fingerprinted, a few people in custody were laying on tiny cots awaiting their fate.

What was the strangest thing is that I had to wait weeks for the State of Florida to send the Finger Print cards.  It turns out that New mexico gets the same ones from the same, Inow wonder if they would have ever known if I had just used the NM paper….

Well, that part is all done now, just waiting on the license.  I hope it is worth it.

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