Some people are just Jerks.

So… another friends only post.

I get this email last night….

which explains a great deal of abnormal behavior.


I have been superbusy with the power emergency but I saw you called.  Congrats on the job offer!  That is a really exciting opportunity for you.  More good news:  I have three friends who are really interested in meeting you when you get here – one of them I think would specially a good match (Josh).  Let me know what you think. 
Since you may be moving to town, this never came up before, but if we are going to be good friends, you should know that I was divorced for a few years, but recently have started to talking to my ex wife again.  I don't want to mislead you in any way or give you false hopes (about possilbility of a romantic relationship).  Just thought you should know. I gotta run again (thread mill this time), let me know about the guys + congratulations on your the job offer.  

p.s. be ready to run and work out hard when you get here.  Sundays are the only day off. 



So I get it now.  I find it ironic that just 6 days ago he was raving about "I know I already like you…." etc etc etc,and a while back he said he was never married.   So….Some people are just jerks. 

I don't particularly care because before I got the email I had come to the conclusion that he wasn't acting in the least bit appropriate.  I had decided to try to get the Fl job and go and train. I am of course still in shock  and feeling angry, but I 'll grow out of it eventually.

Now, I will admit, travelling can be very lonely.  the thought of having some friends, especially those who actually train and run….is a good thought,   But I keep wondering, if he is like this, what kind of losers does he want to set me up with……

Only I can be so stupid twice. 

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8 thoughts on “Some people are just Jerks.

  1. This guy does sound like a piece of work. Did you know that he was married and divorced? I'm assuming that he knew that you were perhaps interested in exploring a relationship with him as you've been talking. It sounds like he's a player. I wonder why he and his ex broke up and if he's using her until he's found someone else.
    And I don't blame you for wondering what kind of friends he has and wants to hook you up with. I suppose that once you get there it wouldn't hurt to meet these people and get a first hand feeling without having any expectations of even a friendship.
    I'm sure that moving frequently does get lonely and especially hard to to find companionship, friend or otherwise, with anyone.

  2. Very tacky. Big red flags all over. He's doing you a huge favor with this revealing email.
    If you can keep your heart protected and see him and his friends only as running partners that MAY work out okay. The nerve this guy has to suggest setting you up with his friends. As Amanda says the guy is a piece of work.
    His saying, 'this never came up before', is either a blatant lie like his never being married was and he's soothing his own conscience, OR there has been a huge misunderstanding (giving him slack just cause he's your friend?). What is a friend anyway? And do you foresee wanting to be 'friends' with him or his friends?
    I'd hope your lonliness and need for companionship wouldn't have you going down a road of hurt, frustration, disappointment, just so as not to be lonely.

  3. You want to go to Florida, then I think you should go, You never know what new things you'll find there or what new people, this guy's friends or not. I do think it sounds like this guy was using you in some way and when it came down to the wire, he had to clear the air. Don't worry about him. Follow where things lead you! You always have, or else you wouldn't be contemplating moving to FL…

  4. No, I never knew he had been married, in fact lastweek he said he had never been married! And in addition to that, he made many statements about dating me etc etc etc, which I thought were a bit premature, but well,whatever.
    I still have to actually get the job in Florida, and at the moment they are starting to look a little slim picking. I am still waiting on an interview, but it doesn't appear to be happening.

  5. Well, even before I had gotten the precious email, I had come to the conclusion that I didn'twant to try to unravel all his unusual behavior. And I sent him an email saying that I was glad he had other options.
    As far as meeting his friends, well, i said sure why not, but that I was not particularly interested in meeting single men because they are single.
    My biggest stressright now is actually getting a job in that area. wasofferred an interview yesterday but so far no call back to confirm…
    Just exhausted from all this. feeling negative. I know things have a way of working out, but I'm getting a little tired of that…

  6. Very weird. It struck me as if he sees you as a piece of merchandise! "Sorry, my ex thinks that color jacket doesn't look good on me. Can I give it to one of my buddies?"

  7. Yes, I think that you would definitely want to avoid the friends he claims he has that are, according to him, so anxious to meet you. He seems to be a very dishonest person, and it isn't clear why. And he strikes me as kind of "presumptuous" too!

  8. yeah, it felt exactly that way. I replied to him that while I like to meet people I really had no desire to meet his 3 friends just because they were single men…he replied very sheepishly and may have gotten the point….as for now though, it doesn't feel very nice to be offerred as a barely used coat!

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