Do or Die day

so its do or die day.  One week exactly prior to Canyonlands half Marathon.  I know I am not ready but some part of me keeps thinking I am.  So I've decided to go and run and see exactly how long I can handle it.  If I can make it about 7-8 miles then I think I can do the half.  Part of my "Issue" here is that the route I run on is like a track, half mile round and After about 4-6 times it gets boring.  Usually i do a loop or an out and back for a long run.  The loop or out and back ensures Ihave to finish, because if I am out, I have to go back, you know, same with the loop.  There is no way out.  I have a sensation that I am perfectly capable of running 8-10 miles, but that my brain just keeps saying quit, and thus,  I do. Must turn off brain.

This passing my car each half mile makes things a bit tricky. 

My concession for this run  will be to allow the ipod.  It should keep me fairly more entertained. 

I must admit to being terrified.  I want to run, but I am afraid I will not make the distance. 

and I want to run that race, I was so excited when we were selected, its the first race I've run with friends since July last year.  Most races since then I've just sort of finished and left…sort  of sad and lonely.

Next week is going to be fun.  i get to see my friend Jim and his wife, and my other friend B.  who may be bringing me a fat laden Bojangles Chicken Biscuit from the South Land.   We are also going to be doing some sight seeing onthe way up and back, so look for some photos. Hopefully I shall be smiling in some of them.  Even if I am so slow that I finish a half in 3 hours. 


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3 thoughts on “Do or Die day

  1. Good luck with your run. Maybe Florida will be a little more runner friendly. Possibly find some people to run with. I'm fortunate enough to have a handful of friends that I can run with a couple of days a week. Definitely gets you out the door when you just want to stay in. And with your race, your body is capable of going further than you actually train. Have fun with it.

  2. I am so chuffed that you've decided to go and try and run it anyway. I felt awful at the 4 mile mark in my race yesterday, but then decided that so many people had come to watch me, I couldn't really not finish it.
    Even if you do a slow time, and have to walk 1 minute in every 10 – do that, you will still finish it, I have no doubt – and you will feel so brilliant afterwards that you did do it.

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