I can’t do it

I simply can not run the Half.  I could walk it, but really whats the fun in that, Its 13 miles, not a 5K.

I'll just go and volunteer.  I am already feeling really down about this,so my main goal is to remain cheerful for others.

And as soon as I sew up a new contract, to figure out what I want to do from there. 

Really this is a huge disappointment, and I am not quite sure about how to handle it, but I am hoping to be gracious and graceful….

Yes there are always other races, but never again will that day come like the day that will be this week.

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4 thoughts on “I can’t do it

  1. I'm sorry you're feeling down and not ready for the race. Have you considered doing a combination of running and walking the race with a revised goal of 'simply finishing'? I just suggest it cause I don't want you to regret not participating. Volunteering has it's own rewards but still….

  2. Buy
    yourself something to do with running, and get prepared for you next adventure
    in running. Maybe next place you go you can find a running partner in crime to
    push you!

  3. Oh, and I just posted on your blog about you having decided to do it…

    So sorry to hear you're not ready – please don't feel too bad about it – there will be other races, and you'll be going and seeing it anyway, and your friends.

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