better news

I had a horrible day of self pity and loathing yesterday.  It snowed…which was just beyond my comprehension.  It got really cold.  I soent a lot of the day cleaning, which I hate. And in general I felt just miserable.  I was told to have a positive attitude, but the cold and the concerns for thingswere really closing in on me.

Today things are really looking up.


I got a call from the Nurse Manager at the hospital I want to go to in April.  The NM seems to be a realistic and nice


person.  She essentially offerred me the job, saying in the very end that she looked forward to meeting me in April. It's going to be a very ritzy environment compared to dirt poor Espanola NM… I am not counting any chickens yet though, because the official offer has not come through my agency yet.


Secondly, I found out that I can switch races for Canyonlands!!!   There is a 5 miler also on the same day.  I can run 5 miles, and it can be a challenge but not a chore.  I so wanted to participate, that I am really really excited even if it wasn't my original plan.  There is just something about sitting pn the sidelines that is not what I want to be doing.

Soooo, something to smile about.  Lots of good stuff.  Maybe by the end of the day the whole contract can be sewn up tightly.

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7 thoughts on “better news

  1. This is a much more positive post! I'm so happy to hear that you have found a way to race Canyonlands.
    I hope that contract comes through and everything for Florida gets taken care of—today!

  2. It snowed for you and rained for us – go figure! I bet you could literally count the chickens in Espanola NM, too. Don't they hang out with the horses on the roadside?

  3. I'm happy that your situation is about to change for the positive. I gotta tell you though, that I'm going to miss the beautiful pics of New Mexico. I know you're probably not going to miss being there though. It just right around the corner! Yay!

  4. Hooray for the Glass half empty gal!its good to know that your a good pessimist making the good things that happen to you to be a surprise and a smile bringer, good luck in the races and in the chance you will get the job offer

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