I got it!

I got the job.  I have not 100% accepted it yet because I wanted to have a conversation regarding housing, with housing.  SO far no housing people can answer phones which is OK.  I will recall in a bit. also waiting on the apartment complex to call back for one place as well….


Had a bad day at work here.  I made a small error which resulted in one person waiting a long time for treatment. No harm done, but I am not feeling very good about that.

Then our lazy charge nurse went to snooze in a lazy boy chair bought for the docs on duty, leaving just the two travelers on the floor Of course some sort of need arose that we needed the doc and didn't know how to call him,so now charge is angry because he little lazy secret is out.  Alas I only have 3 weeks left ot enjoy her company.


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7 thoughts on “I got it!

  1. YAY! I hope the housing people call you back soon so you can accept the job. It sounds like you have good reason to count the days until you get to leave. I absolutely hate lazy people. No patience at all with them.

  2. Start April14th, giving me time to go home and do some things that would make travel easier, get taxes done….and so on and so on. I'm really excited. As soon as I get the housing worked out, I am going to call the Training Center and set up some evaluation times and training times. The pool they have is incredible!

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