Running, Music, treadmill.

Inspired by the news that I can acutally run some sort of race at Canonlands this weekend, I went to the gym yesterday and really enjoyed my workout. 

Again withthe soft rock as the motif of the gym.  Several other employees were therre, walking about a small track indoors (some 16-20 times round makes one mile  on a very hard floor, not an actual track)  Most were walking about a 22-24 min mile.  I though they might benefit from hearing Brick House by tthe Commodores.  Not too too fast, but something to get them moving.  I was the only person in the place that was sweating.

I was listening to mostly Soukous music, Papa Wemba, Kanda Bongo Man, and Loketo.  I can sing some in Lingala pretty well, but mostly I have no idea what I am saying. Lotsof Loketo is in French though so I get that.  Other than the afro-pop,I heard a bit of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Amanda's "You don't stand a chance", and  some Flaco Jiminez.  So in my mix, apparently I have Bluegrass, Soukous, mainstream Pop, Teajano Conjuntos, and a few others that I didn't Mention… ABBA being one of the more embarassing ones.

I was definitely bopping along with the ipod.  I think I will see if pods are actually allowed in this race and use it if they are…Never done even a 5K with an ipod, so curious to see if it will work without creating chaos for me.

I ran 3.11 miles.  then I did a few sets of lunges-step ups with the weighted ball.  My balance on those still is precarious, something to work on.  Chest Press, and some running arms. 

I noted on the run that when I keep my pace really really steady good things seem tohappen., I worked on stride and striding from the hip.

Unfortunately for the rest ofthe night, my old fracture site was not feeling very good.   I know there is nothing technically wrong with it, but it still feels "funny"  Hopefully all can be worked about with where I will live in Florida, and I can contact the training center and set up an eval.

Life right now, is pretty darn good.  except I am severely lacking in sleep.  zzzzzzzzzz 


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