How to introduce myself….or….

Well.  Marathon Man, who really is just a bit of a jerk, called me today at 7 am…to say congrats on the job and the apartment and how he hopes I like living in Florida.  Not sure why he called so early or why he didn't just send an email, but whatever.

I want to call the National Training Center today to try to set up an eval and some training and find out the costs associated so I can plan, budget etc. 

As I told him this, he started to tell me, Oh yes,I know everyone there.  They all know me.  Since he often places first in short events, (And it pleases me in a childish way to say he isn't a very good endurance runner and really doesn't seem to place real high up in events over 10 miles.) he of course would be well known.  SO now I wonder do I tell people I know him, or do I keep quiet.  I feel I might get better "service" consideration, if I am connected to him in some way.  BUT…I am finding it also very tempting to be a bitch and explain the entire truth about him!!!!   Because I realise now he really is a jerk.  He initially sets me up, and then decides he is seeing someone else, and then he tries to set me up with his friend. I finally got a chance to question him about his friend.   Turns out his friend is an overweight guy who has not been able to get a date on his own in a while.  Now.  THis seems to me to be just stupid.  So I essentially said, well,we shall see.  I am still grumpy about his behavior, but I guess I am pleased ot discover all this out before I arrive, raher than after.

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6 thoughts on “How to introduce myself….or….

  1. He sounds like a class A ass! I'd almost be afraid to tell anyone you knew him because they all might feel the same way you feel. I'm sure he's shown his true colors by now.

  2. I agree with shellakers…I would be afraid to admit to knowing him too. With all the other half-truths and inconsistencies, I wonder if anyone there would really even know who he was. (Then again, aside from all the other stuff you've mentioned about this guy, I am always skeptical of anyone who immediately jumps in and tells me they are well known by any group of any kind.) It sounds to me, at this point, that you might be better off just heading to the land of sun an palm trees and making your own way there without having to associate any of it directly with this guy. At least then if anything truly goes wrong with him while you are there it won't bring everything else down with it.
    So there's my unsolicited opinion! On an up note – I am excited for you to get out of all the cold, nasty weather and on to some warmer temps!

  3. I concur as well. I'd wonder what kind of impression he leaves on others, those he knows and sees in person regularly. I'd tred lightly as far as telling others that you know him. This gets stranger with every post about him!

  4. Well, he consistentlyplaces, and those are things that are reported as results, so he's not lying about them. I really get the feeling that he just never expected me to actually go to Florida,and so now he's"Caught".

  5. LOL!!!!!
    I'm almost over it. I really cant wait for some warm weather and the apartment, which is very nice…Company actually thanked me for the reco because they didn't know about them and they are new all over Fl, so apparently VERY nice. hope the job pans out to be just as nice. The man, well. Meh. I can find another I guess if need be.

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