Giant Arrows, Mancos Colorado

Well, i am up earlier than expected and can not sleep, so am snacking on Wasabi Peas…and waiting for a "wakeup" call.  Though I would share some photos of the trip out.

We visited a fewsites, and I will have to post more about them, but for now, the place that was fun and entertaining was in Mancos, Colorado.  Giant Arrows!

I found out about the giant arrows through a great site….Roadside America. You can look at a map for any of the fifty states and find some of the most unusual and wierd attractions along the roadsides of America.  Including the giant arrows in Mancos.


The arrows, if you will, are essentially giant telephone poles, stuck into the ground outside of a touristy shop which was fortunately or unfortunately closed.


but it was certainly fun to come across this on the highway!


I'd hate to run into the giants that shot these off….


I have other photos, but these were the easiest to get posted….


Incidently, so far, we have been having a wonderful time in Moab.  Nice pasta dinner, expo was no good, but well, whatever!

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5 thoughts on “Giant Arrows, Mancos Colorado

  1. I have a book called Roadside America along the same lines (probably the same people!), I'm using it to plan our "One day we'll travel around the USA for 6 months" trip. I have maps. I have lots of books on roadtrips in America and the best places to see… and I have a mental list of film locations I want to visit too. Plus we want to take in the South by SouthWest music festival as well.

  2. It probably is the same people! There so much to see, in any place I think it nearly impossible to ever get bored. I'm going to soon post photos of Arches National Park and then all you will want to do is go to utah…

  3. My in-laws went there for a 3 weeks trip a few years' ago – it's on my list! That's what I love about America – there's all this amazing geography there, wide open plains, desserts, forests etc, and then there's all the quirky stuff too.

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