So, in an attempt to create a holiday out of Canyonlands, we visited several sites on the way up and back. Oddly, my Camera malfunctioned on the way back, which saved B numerous stops, and was just as well, because I am really really tired today and I get to go back to work some overtime.  

The first place we visited was a place that one of the Doctors had told me about.  It is a small site, not manned by any park officials, called Poshuouinge.  It is essentially about a half a mile hike up hill where you can see the sites of an older civilization.  According to Dr. Bayardo, this areaof New mexico was much more populated in those times than it is today, so,I found the area interesting.


We started out down here by this house with the green roof, and hiked up and up.  After a bit, I was embarassingly out of breath.not sure if it was the altitude increase, my anemia,or just my lack of fitness.

We had a pretty nice view of the Mountain ranges, and of the valley area below.








Eventually we got to the top.  It is a fairly non descript top, with one shallow basin area that is full of remnants of the past.  This is where an interpretive ranger might have been some help.  B. and I sifted throught the dirt, looking for these items and were never really sure if we were seeing old trashed arrowheads,or starts of tools, or just pieces of stone that looked like that.

Sitting on a rock  were several items that someone else had collected and left.


It's pretty hard to know, but I assume they knew more about archeology than we did.

Over to the right was a very helpful illustration/map of what the archeologists imagine the site had been like,in  AD 1450


What is interesting, and maybe doesn't show weel in the photos, is that the outline of the buildings is still showing in the field below, so it madeit very easy to imagine this busy civilization.  in the Photo below you can see the triangular shaped area that is in the lower left of the picture.   





Despite the fact that there is not a huge interpretive signage, or staff, I liked this site very much.  It's very open, and not heavily used.  I plan to return later to give the dog a nice run before we leave NM, which is blissfully happening in about 24 days. 

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3 thoughts on “Poshuouinge

  1. Mini
    vacation, lot easier to recover from, and look at all that land how many things
    one could explore there. Such a great area it would be lovely to spend a month
    or three to photograph and explore the area, smart girl enjoying your way up
    and way back instead of not stepping back to enjoy the giant arrows along the highway.

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