Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

B and I also made a stop at the Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, NM.  This is a huge plot of land now owned by the Presbyterian Church.  It is used as a reteat area for church related functions.  It would not be famous however, except for Georgia O'Keefe.  This artists spent many summers here, and was apparently quite flabergasted when the current owner donated the property to the Church, rather than sell it to her.

I tired to include some O'Keefe paintings here, but apparently most of the sites have gotten so you can't just drag the off onto your desktop… but Here is a great link to show some examples, if you aren't familiar with her work.

So, I was expecting quite a bit about O'Keefe, but most of that is in Santa Fe.

We were able to walk about a bit, and see the small museums.  It is a great place to go hiking, but we were only there for a short trip.


Moab nmmarch 048Moab nmmarch 047

This painted horse graces the front of the office, we noted a real live horse as well, but he wasn't so amenable to having his photo taken.

In the Museum are some examples of early man pottery etc, as well as what I found to be very distracting, several knitted scarfs and sweaters for sale.  There were also some beautiful landscapes which were selling, and very nice.

I noted the Bathrooms even had a flavor of this area…

As the Mirrors were quite ornate, but very true to the area.








We enjoyed seeing the archeological area as well, as there have been soe big and interesting finds at the Ghost ranch.

It was a little odd that inside the museum, there was no curator, or anyone to answer questions.  We were the only people in the museum, so it felt a bit like a private showing, except that there was no one to answer questions.









This is the fully reconstructed fossil named after Georgia O'Keefe.  I am not sure what she thought about that!!!


This is an area where they showed the tools at work, and I would have liked to know ore about how this works, but apparently the Church was in preparation for some holy week retreats so people wereout and about!!!

On the way out, we saw the famous Chimney Rock.  You can hike up there, but we actually had a Pasta Dinner toget to in Moab!


The Power lines do sort of detract, but you know, they were present….

Anyway I should go back and do some hiking,but I imagine with the next 23 days of so of being here, I will be swamped trying to do future contract details, house cleaning and packing.  I am going to try to leave on April 2, right after I finish work, so that may be a challenge!


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6 thoughts on “Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

  1. I love that you seem to get the most out of your traveling experiences. You seem to be completely confortable doing things on your own and don't necessarily need someone around you to motivate you. This is a cool expedition!

  2. I definitely don't mind doing stuff on my own. This trip however, was doen with my 43things friend Babak. he is a great driver…I got to be a passengerthe entire way and I loved that.

  3. My wife and I actually passed very close to Ghost Ranch on our honeymoon (two years after we were married) horseback and mule-packing trip from Mexico to Wyoming. We wanted to stop but had other more important concerns, like finding a place with good water and grazing for our stock. So we bypassed Ghost Ranch and camped several miles away. Now I know what we missed. Thanks!

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