Salad Yogurt???

I'm not a huge fan of Yogurt.  When I was a kid my Mom had one of those Salton Yogurt Makers, and so we tended to have a lot of yogurt about.  She usually made a slightly lemony variety, and it was all fine.

I eat it now because it has a lot of calcium in it, is low in fat, and probably because deep down, i think it is good for me!

I tend to like Stonyfield Farm Yogurt  asi t is organic, not extraordinarily expensive, and the full fat varieties actually taste darned good.

Stonyfield Farm is having an election to choose the next flavor of yogurt they are coming out with!  I was horrified to find that another chocolate variety is on the list.  I like Chocolate, but all Chocolate yogurt flavors have so far been very very disappointing, the result has been very very bitter in my opinion, despite stony fields cool nae "Chocolate Underground!

I was very surprised to see several unusual, savory flavors gracing the list…. Garden Salad? and Herb?  As well as Green tea, and Lychee!  I invite all of you to go cast a vote.  You could win free yogurt for a year!!!!

My choice, Ducle De Leche.

VOTE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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7 thoughts on “Salad Yogurt???

  1. Ewwww! Salad and herb yogurt doesn't sound the least little bit appealing! lol I voted. The raspberry white chocolate sounds pretty good!
    We had one of those yogurt makers growing up too. My aunt always made the lemony flavors too! Sometimes, she'd make the vanilla/honey kind and that was REALLY good!

  2. We have been eating a lot of Trader Joe's plain organic non-fat yogurt. Not so much because it tastes so wonderful, but because I believe it to be healthy. Often I will add in some fruit, some almond slices, maybe some high fiber cereal, perhaps some wheat germ, too.

  3. I've not really been a fan of flavours like chocolate for yoghurt – because it still tastes slightly sour, and leaves a bit of an after taste.
    However, I LOVE dulche de leche, so I'd be willing to give that one a try – not that they sell it over here!

  4. I'm just about to have a Stoneyfield as part of my breakfast. The idea of salad-vegetable-yogurt sounds repulsive — and I never usually get the chocolate ones (they don't quite get the chocolate flavor right for some reason)… dulce de leche could be awesome — thanks for the tip!

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