So what do you do after you run a road race…. Well, if you are B and I , you decide to go and explore Arches national Park. I dont know how B ever managed to run 13.1 and the hike for a few hours, but he never complained, so….

Off we went.  I will admit that we mostly drove about, and I could not walk on the slip rock out to the delicate arch because indeed slip rock is named slip rock for a reason.  I got a third of the way and entered into a terrible panic mode…B was kind enough to return with me.  He kindly said he didnt thin the world famour delicate arch was worth it, but I disagree however, there was no way I could continue up that high with no rails.

But we did get to see lots of cool stuff.  In Arches National park there are over 2000arches that are catalouged.  Apparently there must be a 3 foot opening to have it be an  "official" arch.

Thus balance rock is not an official arch, but none the less, it is an interesting formation to view.


We barely scratched the surface of the park:










This is called the Turret Arch, and while I am not exactly sure why the leaning over part does look a bit like a turret that was melted.






Here is perhaps, a better shot of that arch.











To the direct left of the turret arch was one of the more massive arches, which we were able to climb all over.




And once you got tothe arch there was a really spectacular view through the opening…

Many of the formations look as if they were molded out of some sort of clay, or sand.

The arches National Park actually lays on an underground Salt bed.  Over time debris was deposited on top of the salt bed, cementing itself into rock, since the debris was heavier than the salt, and salt under pressure is apparently unstable, this caused the pushing up of the varying spires and stone that would eventually become arches.  A short animated version of this can be seen here

Arches NP is a great place to visit, and go hiking, biking, camping, and even in some places rock climbing. 

My only disappointment was that they advertised these elephant looking rocks and neither I nor B were creative enough to figure out which ones they were!



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11 thoughts on “ArchesNP

  1. Wow! What gorgeous landscape! Yeah, I definitely would not be hiking after running 13.1…then again, _I_ probably wouldn't even be breathing. 😉

  2. Thanks! We did have a good trip. Unfortunately I am now STILL having trip let down. I guess its in part because it was sooo fun, and now I am back in not fun land, and am leaving in 19 days so a little stressed out.

  3. That would
    be a great place to spend time biking and hiking with a good camera and time to
    photography as sunrise and sunset, some time nature is the best architect. Unfortunately
    even though it is so beautiful there I keep expecting to see the Road Runner
    and the Coyote supporting some Acme device, certainly explains where my mind is
    at. Hopefully it was a great time had by all, or you and B.

  4. It's gorgeous Matt, but no chance in heck I'll hike on that slip rock again. Its only a three mile hike, so not really an all day hike, but that slip rock gives me the heebee jeebies…I have a wier fear of certain heights, and that did it for me.

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