My Current Obsession


I got started on Facebook simpy because people kept asking me about my facebook account.  I find Facebook odd because my Mom has 2 accounts and I try very hard to keep my Mom out of my personal life. She has a very nosy bone (as do I) and is not really above Spying.  But I like facebook because she can only see me a little unless I friend her.  Of course I sort of want to friend my cousins but not her.  I have not figured that one out yet, so I have not "friended" any of them. LOL

I was still not enthused about facebook, but then I saw I could utilize a fundraising link for my upcoming Marathon.  And A few of my facebook friends have linked my page to their Facebook page, in hopes of helping me. (Not such good luck, but you can see my fundraising progress in the  tool bar on the left.  I am 16% there at 8 months to go, not bad.)

What is cool is that I have found some friends from College and high School.  I really did not stay in touch with anyone from college after a while.  I moved out west, most of them stayed in New York (Where they are still). In addition, things like email were actually not in use when I first went to college (Golly I am old).  They were in use, but only by the few, so keeping in touch with someone required much more commitment to writing letters, and phone calling. (No one had cells when I first went to college either.  Dang I feel REALLY old).

It's sooo wierd.  I am chatting with one guy who I was really good friends with.  We were part of a "group" that essentially did everything together, parties each weekend, going to see bands, even took some classes together as we had the same major. 

But its been so long we keep asking all those "get aquainted questions"  because in reaity we used to know each other.  We don't now, but in some ways it is comforting to chat with him for some reason.  I looove seeing pics of his kids and all that jazz.  It's like we are standing there just examining the years we lost.   

I try not to do too many of the time wasters, such as the egg throwing party that went on for Easter and such, but as I start to learn how it works more, perhaps I can start throwing virtual eggs around.

I was pretty excited to see the runnalicious program that havybeaks uses.  Now I need to start running seriously.  I seem to be allergic to Juniper Pollen and feel as if I have been felled by a giant cold.  Wierd symptoms.  I was going to wait until to morro to get allergy meds, but I might just have to drive into town earlier.   


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9 thoughts on “My Current Obsession

  1. I haven't been in much of a posting and sometimes commenting mood lately. But I find that I can handle writing a sentence for my Facebook status update. I've found that I really like it there. It's a quick way to see what people are up to.

  2. Face Book has its good points and bad like everything but I have
    gotten back in touch with people I lost contact with from high school, such a
    long time ago.

    The bad part of Face Book is all those damn walls, drinks,
    karma and one of one hundred quizzes, but for all that it is a little easier to
    message back and forth with friends, family and whomever you wish!

    Good luck with raising funs for the Run!

  3. I tend to use it for the bare minimum – post some photos, and set up event invitations (for some reason my friends will respond to invitiations through Facebook but not on email – go figure!).I don't really have all the add ons, as I don't get time to get involved really.I also get annoyed with random people from school who I wasn't really friends with wanting to add me as a friend. I found out through Facebook that my ex was married and expecting a baby!

  4. I did created a Facebook account once, but haven't really used it at all. Seems to me pretty "demanding" in terms of the time it would take. And I know there are concerns about privacy (although I don't understand them).

  5. I know just what you mean about seeing pictures of friends' kids. It's a weird joyous feeling, isn't it? You simultaneously feel old but also right back in college or high school because you can see that friend in her child's face…I think that's what it is. Wonderful feeling…

  6. I've surprisingly found Facebook to be pretty cool. When I first joined a friend told me that "it's easier than blogging", which makes sense in a way.
    My mom is also very nosy… I used to try to be selective in what she knew but I finally got tired of it all and decided not to care about her melodramatic view of my life.
    I'm sure you'll enjoy Runlicious. Hopefully you're feeling better soon!

  7. Yes, when I was setting it up, it gave me the option to add a lot of people from Uni and High school….I added one guy from High school that I was actually friends with, and one guy from college… My class seems to be using Facebook to plan a reunion. But I was never a big fan of the school etc, sooo, just the one guy.

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