Wow. I am at home.

I got home yesterday at about 1 pm.  It has been raining non-stop.  Essentially it has been raining for me for about 3 days straight now.  North Carolina desperately needs this rain, so its nice that we have it, but Teulu is sitting at the window staring wistfully at his back yard.  Its just too muddy.

My house was left rather messy by the traveler that was living here.  She left a good deal of her stuff as well, which suggests to me a rapid departure.  I dont really know what happened to her. I know she left before her end of contract, but she was a disagreeable person so I must admit, I dont even mind cleaning up after her, I am just glad she is not here.  So my first thing was to get rid of the spoiled milk and lunch meats left in the fridge and do the dishes that have been sitting in the sink for at least 2 months.  Eeeew.  Now that I have been home for a day I keep seeing little things that I need to do, a few shingles on the roof are appearing loose, somehow one of the bedroom doors seems to have had the screws come out at the bottom…etc. 

The first few hours I was home, I felt really disoriented.  I haven't been home in a while, so it was sort of a rediscovery of everything.  I went to the grocery store and found that it is completely stocked with turnip greens, collards, and grits.  All the chiles and other things are stuffed into the "ethnic foods" aisle.  I immediately purchased some green chile. The ethnic mix in NC is marked different from New Mexico as well, so I was sort of surprised all the time by the people in the store.  People who looked like me, African Americans, and some Latino people.  I've gotten so used to everyone looking essentially Latino/Native American that I really did feel like staring at everyone for a few moments. 

Lots of green all around, and it was really nice to wake up this morning to birds singing, not the damn rooster that lived behind my house in Chimayo. The idea that roosters crow peacefully in the morning is just not at all the case.  The Chimayo rooster started to crow usually at 4 am and continued throughout the day at intervals.

I find I have rolled into town early enough to register for the Primaries.  NC Democratic Primary is on May 6th.  If I can vote absentee, I am surely going to be casting a vote for Barak.

If it ever stops pouring rain, I want to go out trail jogging with Teulu.  He particularly sufferred in New Mexico as there were the local dogs that picked on him, and the yard was not fenced.  Even though we have only been home one day, he has really enjoyed going for walks in the neighbourhood unmolested by mean dogs.  He seems calmer and much happier, but it probably is because he senses I am calmer and happier.

Oddly, I am missing some of the people I got to know in New Mexico.  One in particular.  We have been talking daily since I left, and I feel absoloutely lonely which makes no sense.  It seems though this is my luck, that our "attachement"/ friendship/whatever to each other would occur well towards the end of my contract.  Now, being so far away, there is a lot of possibility of things being confused, misinterpreted and misunderstood.   I feel pretty confused about it anyway. So perhaps some time in sunny Florida is in order to sort this all out.

I leave for Florida soon, so I am going to be busy all week, changing out winter to summer clothing, being sure to take things I really want (Blender!!!) and arranging for a house sitter, big bath for Teulu,  paying taxes, changing addresses and seeing friends.

I need to start running a little better as well.  Taking the dog out for 2 miles at a time is not cutting it.

I am really looking forward to seeing Florida.  Never really been there, soooo, it should be interesting.  As always I am nervous about the contract, everything right now is pretty much unknown~ it could totally stink, or be great, or be somewhere in between.  I always hope for something in between.  I had a pretty good experience on the last contract, so I am hoping things will be status quo in Florida.  Must focus on my goals~  training, Emergency Nurse certification, and working on socailizing the active dog. 

I must say I LOVE NC.  I almost cried when I crossed the state line yesterday.  Despite some of the things that are making me feel a little wistful, I am happy to be home, even if its only for a week.

And its alright…that UNC lost.  I'll just say I'm a Duke fan….and they would have beaten Kansas.  (ahem ahem ahem. cough cough cough.)

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4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Being home is a good thing. Missing people you got to know is a natural thing. Sorry that the house was left kind of in a mess!I have a brother in far western North Carolina, but see him very seldom. And we have been to the Outer Banks.I hear about something called the Carolina Highway, wonder what it is and where it goes? Still lots and lots of the US to explore.Glad, too, that you will be able to vote.

  2. Glad that you got home — what a strange experience NM seems to have been.

    After living in a dry climate for years, your eyes get pretty tuned to
    changes in green around you — and you think, oh, this is nice and
    green. Then I go somewhere with a truly great spring or summer,
    and I'm amazed at how GREEN it can be.

  3. Welcome home!!! Yes, the rain is much needed, but still annoying when wanting to do outdoor activities – like walk dogs or yard work. 🙂

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